How Men Can Avoid Bed Head Curls
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No man with curly or coily hair likes bed head, and for real, no man with natural hair should. If you’ve never encountered bed head before, here’s what it can look like:

  • Hair slapped flat on one or more sides of the head
  • Springy curls are shrunken so that they’ve temporarily lost their springy shape
  • Crunchy feel, frizzy, matted, and tangled

Overall, it’s frustrating and annoying that the entire hair looks different when you wake up from sleep…it can be a real hot mess. But you’re in luck because it’s not about disliking bed heads; it’s about what you can do to prevent them. Now, when it comes to managing textured hair in general, the situation can be tricky with different hair types, patterns, and routines that all contribute to your results. This is because curly, coily, and wavy hair can often have a mind of its own — it can be unwilling to cooperate with your vision.

How Men Can Avoid Bed Head Curls
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Here are a few tips you can start implementing into your routine to help liven up your curls each day.

Before Bedtime Care Against Bed Heads

Tie Your Hair Into The Pineapple Hairdo

Now, this will work for only fellas with medium to long tresses. Putting your hair in the pineapple hairdo helps to keep it in one place as you sleep so you don’t have curls pressed flat and sticking out on your head in different directions. To do this, pull your hair up into a ponytail, secure it with an elastic band, and wrap the hair in a satin or silk scarf. The ponytail does not have to be firm; you can make it as loose as possible for comfort.

Put Your Curls In Twists or Braids

How Men Can Avoid Bed Head Curls
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These are two other alternatives to putting your hair in the pineapple style, and they are also more suitably achieved on medium to long hair. Here, you can divide your curls into four or more sections (as determined by the thickness or length of the hair) and either braid or twist each section. This will not only prevent your hair from getting matted and tangled, but it also helps to give more definition to your curls.

Use Satin Pillowcases

The texture of cotton pillowcases is somewhat abrasive to the soft texture of your natural curls. Laying your head directly on one can cause your hair to experience breakage, dryness, split ends, and frizz, among others, as you turn in your sleep. On the other hand, the texture of satin pillowcases is smooth and allows your hair to move with ease as you turn your head in your sleep, thus reducing frizz, breakage, and dryness, among others, to a minimum.

Wear a Satin Scarf or Bonnet

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This works for guys with curls of different hair lengths (short, medium, and long). All you need to do is wrap your hair with a satin scarf or wear a satin bonnet to keep the moisture locked in and reduce frizz and dryness, among others.

Sleep on Your Side

Sleeping on your back can cause your hair to become a tangled mess. To minimize tangles and matted hair, it is best to sleep on your side.

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After Bedtime Care For Bed Heads

Wet The Hair

One of the ways to revive curls that have become shrunken as a result of bed head is through the use of good ol’ water. Sprinkle some drops of water from your spritz bottle all over your curls.


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After wetting the hair, the next step is to use moisturize to keep these newly-revived curls in shape and give them shine. You can also use leave-in conditioner or oils.

Fluff With Fingers

This involves sliding your fingers into the hair and using them to shape and separate the curls.

Use a Pick Comb

How Men Can Avoid Bed Head Curls
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Using a pick comb to lift the roots of the curls gently will help add more volume.

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