How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care
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A solid haircare routine is essential to wellness and overall well-being.

While haircare brands and companies prominently market to women, proper hair care benefits men. Establishing a wash-day routine promotes hair health in several ways. Preventing dryness, hair brittleness, and damage are common hair issues that people experience throughout their hair care journey. If not treated with the proper products, bigger problems could develop.

Hair loss is a significant issue that impacts many men. Research shows that more than 80 percent of men will experience hair loss in their lifetime. While baldness or hair thinning can be hereditary, alopecia is one of the main reasons behind hair loss in men. A study in the National Library of Medicine reported that the medical condition affects 30-50% of men by age 50. 

Despite age, hormonal imbalances, and genetics being factors of alopecia, not maintaining healthy hair care habits can also play a role. Limiting the amount of heat, hair coloring, and other chemical uses helps prevent early hair loss and contributes to hair growth. Having a healthy scalp also impacts hair growth and retention. Scalp irritations, such as dandruff and inflammation, damage the hair strands sprouting from underneath. Following good hair habits using cleansing shampoo and hydrating conditioner supports a healthy scalp. 

How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care

The Deep Clean Shine Starter Clarifying Shampoo by Mixed Chicks and the R+Co Cassette Curl Conditioner + Superseed Oil Complex contain those clean ingredients and hydration for scalps prone to dryness. Following up with the Uncle Jimmy Curl Kicker helps to lock in moisture for all waves, curls, coils, and kinky hair textures.

Creating a Hair Care Routine Based on Your Needs

On the other hand, establishing a proper hair care routine for beards looks different than the average regimen for caring for hair on the head.

How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care
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While convenience may lead one to assume that using the same products for hair on a beard works the same, that is not the case. The purpose of regular shampoo is to remove oil and dirt that builds up from the last wash day. The ingredients and chemicals in regular shampoos are not designed to prevent the harshness they may have on facial hair.

The skin on the scalp tends to be less sensitive than that on the face. As a result, the scalp can endure shampoo formulas. Because the skin on the face is more sensitive, different types of hair products are required to clean beards. Products specifically designed for beards have different ingredients that are more gentle than those found in hair products and protect facial skin.

Since regular shampoo is known to strip away oils, beard wash does not deprive the facial hair of its sebum oils. Sebum oil is a substance that the body naturally produces, and it helps keep a beard moisturized. Sebum oil also protects the beard from dryness, dullness, thinning, and dandruff. OKAY Pure Naturals for Men Castor Oil Hair & Beard Shampoo product is designed to cater to beard cleansing and hair and includes caster oil to restore that moisture and shine after use. Finishing with the Scotch Porter Beard and Hair Conditioning Spray seals in the hydration with nourishing oils like Argan, Marula, Avocado, Coconut, and Kukui. In return, the beard is left feeling soft and shiny.

The Difference Between Everyday Shampoo and Beard Products

The main ingredient difference between an everyday shampoo and a beard shampoo is the extra oils found only in beard cleansing products. In addition to the oils mentioned above, some products may contain shea butter or African black soap for extra protection. Every Man Jack Beard Butter is a product that includes natural ingredients that relieve irritation and itching and help keep the hair strands in place.

Avoiding ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates is crucial as they can damage hair, cause frizziness and dryness, and, in extreme cases, impact male fertility. 

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Finding the proper grooming routine for hair and beards is a journey. However, knowing the correct ingredients to look for and understanding what elements the hair needs helps to achieve positive results. While growth may be a significant goal, maintaining a healthy scalp and hair makes a significant difference. Developing a regimen that prioritizes hair health promotes hair growth for beards and hair on the head.

Looking for the right products for your scalp and beard? Check out our recommendations for male hair care brands. 

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How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care

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How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care

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How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care
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