Like most of us, men live extremely busy lifestyles, from working a 9-to-5, hitting the gym, dating, trying to travel the world and something we don’t have time for is a time-consuming grooming routine. Well have you ever heard of co-washing? If not let us turn you on to your new favorite way to shampoo your natural hair – without the shampoo, and without the dryness.

How to Co-Wash Your Mane For Men

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What is Co-Washing?

First let’s breakdown the concept of co-washing. Co-washing, or conditioner-only washing, is just that: washing your hair with conditioner. Touted as a new grooming hack, this method has been beneficial for those in our communities with wavy, curl and coily hair types. Think of it as a way to maintain your moisture rather than stripping your hair dry during the cleansing process. It can also be known as no-shampoo cleansing, or “no-poo.” Unlike other grooming hacks, the act of co-washing allows the product the penetrate not only the strands of hair but the scalp as well; think of it as a happy beginning for your hair.

When co-washing, it’s important to use your fingers to work the product into the scalp in order to break up and remove any dirt, sweat or buildup you may have. Because you’re not using a traditional shampoo product, this action is going to help you achieve a clean scalp with a co-wash or conditioner.

What Should You Co-Wash With?

It is also important to find a suitable product that does the job. You can use a daily conditioner like the Scotch Porter Nourish & Repair Hair Conditioner to co-wash, simply following the steps we’ve laid out. Or you can use a product that was formulated specifically for co-washing, like the As I Am Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Olive & Tea Tree Oil CoWash or the fragrance-free Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream. Is a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner the same as a co-wash? No, it is not, there is a difference

You’re probably used to a lot of suds when you shampoo, but co-washing most likely won’t create bubbles in that way. Don’t worry, your hair is still getting cleansed.

And guess what? The whole process should take no more than five, ten minutes depending on the density and length of your hair. 

How to Co-Wash

Here are the steps one must do in order to have a success co-washing session. Set a timer for ten minutes, then:

  1. Wet your entire mane
  2. Apply the product liberally, working throughout your head paying close attention the ends and scalp
  3. Leave on five minutes, check your IG and TikTok pages for any new updates
  4. Rinse until water is clear. You can repeat steps 1-4 again, if necessary
  5. Towel blot your hair until dry
  6. Add a nickel size amount of your favorite styling product and style per usual
  7. Finish with a serum or finishing product like the tgin Argan Hair & Body Serum or the Scotch Porter Smooth & Shine Serum

Timer goes off, change clothes and go! Pat yourself on the back because you sir have mastered the art of co-washing like a champion.

Co-washing is worth experimenting with if you feel like your hair and scalp tend to get dry, but co-washing is not for everyone. And while it can be a great method for daily or weekly cleansing, you will also want to keep a shampoo on hand for an occasional wash to clarify or give your hair and scalp a deep clean. 

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Tyrus Townsend

Tyrus Townsend is a Scotch Porter Lifestyle Expert.

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