Majoring in Curls
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When they see a boy with curls, I’ve heard older ladies say, “Such pretty curls wasted on a boy.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I happen to find men with curls incredibly sexy.

It is not in my nature as a writer to be sexist. But in all fairness, I don’t believe most guys scour the Internet for sites on how to make their hair shine and their curls bounce. They don’t set out looking for sites like

As women, on the one hand, we obsess about our hair daily — even hourly. And a fair percentage of us are convinced that our hair never looks good enough. Guys, on the other hand, have this amazing knack of appearing like they don’t care about their hair at all, and it looks amazing. Take the hint, ladies!

Walking around campus from day to day, I see many, many men. And in the past two years, I’ve noticed that curls have become popular and commonplace with younger men. Even when I was in high school, more guys than ever were growing their hair out and letting it curl.

I’ve seen men in classes and on campus with slightly curly hair, afros, shoulder-length curls, waves, ringlets, locks — you name it. All these guys can pull off any look with effortless ease because their hair isn’t their source of confidence — or insecurity. Yes, having a good hair day works wonders for anyone’s self-esteem. But guys don’t tend to let bad hair ruin their entire day. If a woman is having a bad hair day, the day often can seem like a failure.

Now, most guys I know don’t fuss over their hair too much, and if they do use any product, it’s usually a gel or a pomade. My brother has very curly hair that he wears slightly shaggy, and he only uses a little bit of gel. My sister’s various boyfriends also have beautiful curly hair of all lengths. And some haven’t used any product! This seems to be another clue at the mystery of why boys have fabulous curls. They don’t fuss with it, and they don’t use too much gunk.

One of my observations is that you hardly ever see a curly-haired man wearing his hair straight. I have never met a man who straightened his hair. It’s very hard to picture. Yes, they will cut it very short. But never straighten it. Guys know it’s ridiculous to spend so much time and effort trying to change the texture of their hair. It’s a pointless task. Why bother if you don’t even have straight hair?

So listen up, ladies. Spending loads of cash on loads of products in search of that Holy Grail isn’t much fun. Frying your hair with dryers and straighteners isn’t a day in the park either Don’t stress over that one curl that won’t go the right way or about how the humidity is creating a halo of frizz.

Just go with it, like the men do. The curls will follow suit.

Cozy Friedman

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