Making It Easy For Men: What Your Barber Wants You To Know Before Your Appointment
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The barbershop experience is one of tradition and culture, which can be daunting for someone who has never stepped foot into the establishment.

While it is where men and women go for a haircut or style, the space provides more than the services offered for clients. One can find community and mentors and engage in entertaining yet meaningful conversations about various topics. At the same time, clients leave the chair with confidence after getting a clean cut or touch-up. 

The barbershop experience is formed over time, but there are ways to leave a good impression when visiting a barbershop as a newbie. 

Learn more about what to expect and the best ways to navigate being the new person in the shop below. 

How Do You Find The Right Barbershop?

Making It Easy For Men: What Your Barber Wants You To Know Before Your Appointment
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Before settling on any barber shop, it is essential to do research beforehand. It may take some time for new customers to discover the right place, but it is possible. Word of mouth is a tried-and-true method that can be helpful when figuring out which barbershop to visit. Speaking with other men or people who regularly visit a barber shop is an ideal choice to help narrow down which establishment to try. Speaking with people who frequently get their haircut can suggest a specific barber to try out, provide insight into the shop’s atmosphere, and assist with making that initial introduction.

Another helpful method is reading reviews of the barber and the shop they work in. If a barbershop requires setting an appointment online, try searching for the review section on the website. Reading about other people’s experiences, whether positive or negative, helps paint a complete picture of what to expect as a potential client. 

If the barbershop only takes appointments over the phone, searching them on Yelp is another option. Although Yelp is typically used for restaurants, reviews of barbershops and hair salons are also on the digital platform. For those who prefer viewing a visual portfolio, Instagram and TikTok are alternatives that allow new clients to see pictures and videos before committing to a new shop.

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What Are The Best Ways To Prepare Before Getting A Haircut Or Style?

Making It Easy For Men: What Your Barber Wants You To Know Before Your Appointment
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The next step is determining the haircut or style to tell the barber to recreate before sitting in the chair. Being specific produces better results. While describing the cut or style, try finding a picture that reflects the desired look.

Barbers usually consult with new clients about their hair history and answer questions or concerns that may surface. This consultation allows clients to be transparent about any previous hair struggles or goals that the barber must know before cutting and styling. Also, it helps clients briefly discuss their lifestyle so that the barber can recommend a cut or style that can be maintained with or without a recurring appointment. 

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The consultation is an open conversation between the barber and the client. Other important topics to discuss before getting started include hair types, textures, length expectations, current products being used, and other styling preferences.

What Are The Do’s and Don’t of Barbershop Etiquette?

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Do: Arrive with washed and product-free hair. 

Coming into the barbershop with clean hair removes the hassle of a barber working through oil and product build-up. It makes their job easier and makes it more manageable to complete a sharper cut.

Don’t: Text Or Talk On The Phone While In The Chair

Moving around while the barber cuts or styles can impact the result. Instead, use that free time to start a conversation with your barber or discuss topics with others in the shop. This helps build relationships and cultivate a community, making future experiences more comfortable.

Do: Show Up On Time

Arriving late to an appointment can be viewed as disrespectful, especially by a first-time client. Late arrivals are also frustrating for barbers because they can push back other appointments they have lined up for the day. Communicate about late arrivals with a courtesy call or text to inform the barber of the delay or if the appointment needs rescheduling.

Don’t: Go Back And Forth About The Price After The Service

Barbers charge a set fee for specific cuts and styles. If you have a concern or question about the pricing, bring it up before the service starts. Also, ask about discounts or specials they may be running that month. Knowing how much the cost of service is in advance helps to prevent confusion and conflict in the long run.

Do: Tip Your Barber

Although tips vary across locations, tipping between 15-20% is a rule of thumb to follow. Tipping is a way to show appreciation and gratitude for the services provided. It also is a sign of respect for the work that they do. Tipping a barber directly ensures they receive the full portion of their time and effort instead of being split between other barbers.

Experiencing a barbershop can be intimidating at first, but it can also be an enriching experience. Many people cultivate a community after getting to know each other and adapting to the new environment. With the help of these tips, the barbershop will soon become a place to look forward to returning every few weeks.

Are you curious to learn about barbershops from a woman’s POV? Learn what to expect before your visit. 

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