When it comes to buying natural hair products, I not only shop for myself, but I also buy products for my husband. He has been growing his locs for over seven years, and they are very long. I noticed that he started to dip into my products. I would get low on certain products, but I knew that I had not used them like that for them to be empty. That’s when I realized my husband was using my products. We forget the men in our lives need products too, especially if they have locs like my husband. When I go shopping now, I look for products for his hair as well as my own. Here are a few products that are on my shopping list for my husband.


A healthy scalp is a priority for healthy hair, especially those who wear locs. My husband loves Be Kekoa Tamanu oil on his scalp as well as just a regular grapeseed oil to help maintain a moisturized and healthy scalp.

Refresher Spray 

I noticed that my husband loves refresher sprays and my leave in conditioners, so I always find myself searching for these products for him when I am shopping. Right now he loves the new EDEN BodyWorks Citrus Fusion Refresher. He loves it because it has the dual use for your body and your hair. To use, spritz some in wet hair right out of the shower - he told me it was like a mini spa! He also loves using a leave in conditioners like Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave In to wake up his locs.

Don't forget, water is also the ultimate moisturizer for curly hair. My husband makes a water spritz of his own by adding a few drops of essential oils to his water.

Butters and Edge Controls

I had no idea my husband liked using my edge controls until one of my favorite products was gone. I asked my husband, “Have you seen my edge control?” He politely told me he used the last of it and that it helps his fly aways. I didn't even know that he was aware of the natural hair terms so you could only imagine what my facial expressions looked like. Needless to say, he uses edge control to retwist some of his locs if he is in between hair appointments. He does not like to get his hair retwisted a lot at the salon so he just keeps up the maintenance on his hair by using edge control. He also likes to use butter such as Jane Carter Twist and Lock between salon visits to refresh his locs.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Removing product buildup is essential for my husband’s locs and since he does not wash his locs often, he uses apple cider vinegar and baking soda in between his washes to prevent product buildup.


Yes, ladies, your men need to protect their hair too. I usually just purchase my husband an oversized wave cap or stocking cap to protect his hair at night.

Do you purchase products for the man in your life? What do they look for in hair products?

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