NaturallyCoily James show us his simple way of achieving a defined wash-and-go using styling gel. In this video, he uses Ecoco Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel to make his type 4 coils pop, shine, and manageability.

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1. Condition & Cleanse

Prepare your hair by deep conditioning and cleaning your scalp to remove any old product build-up before restyling.

2. LOC Method

Use the LOC Method to retain moisture in your coils. James applied coconut oil, a strengthening leave-in with shea butter, and sealed with olive oil. 

3. Section

Divide hair into sections hair using plastic or metal clips. This allows for a neater and faster styling process and encourages clumping.

4. Rake to Apply

Use your fingers in a clawing motion, apply Krystal Styling Gel to each section from root to tip. Make sure the sections are saturated. Don’t forget to smooth your edges!

5. Massage it In

Massage the gel into your hair by run your fingers again from root to tip. This helps to lift the hair and add volume.

6. Shake and Dry

Make your wash-and-go appear more natural by shaking your head a few times while it is drying; that way the coils can ‘fall’ into place naturally. Allow your hair to air dry.


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