Pictured: Mila, @milathemartian

We can’t emphasize enough the power and influence that representation can have on an individual. Representation can have a life changing impact on how a person perceives themselves and how they use that to navigate their identity in the world. Whether it was young athletes seeing Serena and Venus conquer the tennis courts, Halle Berry winning an oscar, or nuanced stories that went beyond stereotypes in Crazy Rich Asians. While we’re seeing more hair types and representation across the media, books, and in our leaders, there is nothing like capturing the essence of someone witnessing themselves on screen for the first time. Natural hair education and all the tools, tricks, and techniques is one aspect of the representation we still lack in. People see the final results but may not always understand how we take care of our hair in our day to day lives, that is until…Rise Up, Sing Out.

Created by Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter and Amir “Questlove” Thompson, Rise Up, Sing Out is an animated series of short episodes with songs that focus on inclusion and empowerment that streams on Disney +. The series is five episodes in, and the latest episode “Super Bonnet” celebrates Black hair care at a slumber party where the girls teach their friend Amelia about how bonnets protect their curly and texture hair while sleeping.

On March 4th, Breanna Martin captured her daughter’s reaction to watching the episode and the results are precious to say the least. Her genuine excitement and joy in seeing girls like her singing proudly about their bonnets is truly a sight to see. The video was received with tons of love and support and has become one of the many clips parents are sharing online. We know the value and importance bonnets play in our hair regime whether you’re having a wash and go or looking to maintain your protective styles, bonnets have been around for ages and are a signature aspect of having textured hair.

The #superbonnetchallenge and #riseupsing out hashtags have begun to grow steam online and we are thrilled to see these tiny tots reacting to this episode. Check out a few heartwarming clips below:

1. 2-year-old Mila recognizes a bonnet on screen and is overjoyed.

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Pictured: Mila, @milathemartian

2. This tiny tot danced while wearing her bonnet.

Pictured: Adara, @natural__08

3. This precious little one watching the show while sporting her colorful bonnet.

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Pictured: Amiyaha, taken by her mom @screamprincesz 

Nia Madison Thompson, the actress and singing voice of the character Taniya, has caught wind of all the adorable videos and been featuring weekly segments called the “Superbonnet Affirmations” where she’s meeting with different #superbonnetchallenge winners and dueting with them on Instagram! She empowers and encourages them to sing the song while they sport their bonnet.

To say the impact of this show is monumental is an understatement, we can’t wait to see more tiny tots rocking their bonnets proudly! We’re keeping Rise Up, Sing Out on our favorites list!

Do you have a little one who's been watching Rise Up, Sing Out?