detangling 3b hair

If you feel as though you have been shedding a lot recently, then it might be time to take a look at your shower routine. Finger detangling is the gentlest, most effective way to detangle your hair. It may take you a little longer than using your wide tooth comb, but because your fingers can actually feel the knots and pull them apart with greater sensitivity, it is the safest way to deal with tangles. A pre-poo is the second method I use to help retain my length and reduce breakage in the shower. A pre-poo is a treatment that you apply to the hair before you shampoo. In this tutorial I will be using coconut oil as a pre-poo, make sure you buy unrefined Utilizing both of these methods will help you reach your healthy hair goals. Here is how:

1. Before cleansing, divide the hair in half. Tie one side up into a bun just to get it out of the way.

2. Now take the loose half and divide that into two, tying up the top half in a bun. It should look like this:

rocio detangle hair with coconut oil

3. Take a small amount of coconut oil and warm it between your fingers, and gently apply it to the length of your hair. Beginning at the bottom, start detangling and work your way up towards the root.

Now you are ready to pre-poo!

4. Once you have fully detangled your first section, divide it into two and twist it, just to separate it from the hair you haven't detangled yet.

Repeat this process until you have detangled and twisted all of your hair. Now you are fully detangled and have applied your coconut oil pre-poo throughout your hair. It should look like this:

rocio finger detangling curly hair

5. Pin up twists, cover with a plastic bag. Layer the bag with a hot towel and tie another bag with a hot towel for about a half hour.

6. Take your twists down. Now you are ready to wash.

Watch how I do it

How do you detangle your curly hair? Do you use a pre-poo on wash day?