Curly Girl: The Handbook

Curly hair advocate Lorraine Massey is back with a new edition of her book, "Curly Girl: The Handbook". Considered the “Original Curly Girl,” Massey is a curly hair expert and pioneer of the movement to embrace one’s natural curls. She is the owner of the Devachan Salon in New York City and creator of the DevaCurl line, proposing the shampoo free sensation to curly haired women around the world. But perhaps her most appreciated contribution to the curly community is the compilation of her knowledge and wisdom into her book, which has been revised and updated for release in 2011.

What's New

The latest edition — co-authored by NaturallyCurly blogger Michele Bender — is more than a third new material, including a DVD with hair care tutorials for all curl types. A combination of inspirational words and advice, the book consists of hair care methods, how-tos, and recipes for homemade hair lotions and potions. It’s the go-to book for women looking for daily routines for all hair types, information on Lorraine’s very own curl classification system, and facts on the shampoo free method.

Also new to the book is a section dedicated to caring for wavy hair, information on green, all-natural products, and even a “Down-and-Dirty Curly Boy Routine.” But that’s not all: this updated version has an entire chapter on multicultural hair, written by an African-American hair specialist from Devachan salon. The book is a perfect blend of entertainment and instructional reading. Not only does it provide a step by step illustration of how to trim curly hair, but the book offers a section filled with humorous “Curly Girl Confessions.”

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