No-poo has officially gone international. Japan is the newest country to pick up on the no shampoo trend as companies advertise the hair care method as helping to prevent hair thinning and loss.

The idea caught hold on Japanese content site Naver Matome, a platform that boasts over 41 million users and 1.2 billion page views per month. It was on this platform that a user posted about water-shampooing hair to alleviate itching and dandruff, and to prevent hair thinning, loss and overall balding.  

The post itself, though, has attracted many skeptics and isn't necessarily on par with the U.S. version of no-poo, claiming that just a water wash is good enough to clean the hair and scalp, with no mention of a cleansing conditioner.

"Baldies are gullible," one response reads. Though others are more supportive of the claim saying that it "seems like if you just wash your hair with warm water you won't remove any of the oil at the roots," which will in turn not rid the hair of the oils it needs to stay healthy.

Japan might not be far from producing the country's own cleansing conditioners, or coming up with an alternative to the U.S. solution for cleaning hair sans shampoo. And the latter seems more plausible, given that Japanese hair texture differs from the wavy, curly and coily textures that spurred the no-poo movement in the States.