You’ve done your research on the best way to care for your natural curls and decided that the no shampoo method is best for you. So far, you love the results and can absolutely tell the positive differences in your hair. In fact, you’re starting to resent all the money you’ve spent on crappy shampoos over all the years.

If only your partner didn’t think that doing without shampoo was so gross! Is there any way to change his mind?


Does your partner think you’re the only one on the planet who has gone the no shampoo route? Unless he’s hanging with us on CurlTalk or surfing the blogosphere for natural hair blogs, he may honestly think you’ve lost your marbles or that you’re the pioneer in the no-poo movement.

Assure him that you’re not the only one, and then show him some no-shampoo blogs. A lot of bloggers like posting many pictures, and our bloggers are no exception! Your significant other may be amazed to see how gorgeous hair can look even without shampoo.


Show him that using no shampoo can be even BETTER than using shampoo. Point out the money that you’re saving by not buying expensive, quality shampoos. Let him see that you do still rinse your hair and/or use conditioner, but that the shampoo itself is just hurting your hair.

Some curlies choose to cut out all shampoos, hairsprays, gels, leave-ins and even regular conditioner. Others choose to use a small amount of conditioner every couple of rinses. Whatever your regimen, keep your significant other well informed and let him know exactly what it is you do and why.


Try to understand where he’s coming from and get to bottom of his concerns.

Is it that he wants to be able to run his fingers through your hair, but the thought of greasy hair makes him gag? Show him that he can still do this, and that no shampoo doesn’t mean your hair is dirty.

Does he have a thing for hair that smells nice? Even if you’re a no shampoo girl, you can use a homemade shampoothie or one of our hair mask recipes now and again to give your hair an awesome smell. Even if you only do this when you’re expecting to see your significant other, it’ll reassure him that you haven’t totally lost your mind!

And if all else fails, show him this video from a guy’s point of view. We promise, he’ll get it!

Tasha Swearingen

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