Would you wear your hair naked for a week? As in, free of washing, conditioning, or any styling product in your hair whatsoever? Truthfully speaking, would you do it?

If a horse saw my hair with no products, he might try to eat it--you know, because it looks like hay! When I first heard about wearing 'naked hair' I thought to myself, oh, no way! And although there are days that I don’t put any product in, it is usually no more than Day Three hair so, technically, my hair will still have Day One hair products in it. and it also results in a messy bun is. So is it worth it to wear your hair naked and give it a break once in awhile? Read on to learn about the benefits of giving yourself a naked hair detox for a week and how I feel about this matter.

The pros

1. You will get a break. Giving your hair and scalp some time off from constant product application may allow your hair to reset itself; once you return to your regular regimen, you may find your hair is more manageable and or agreeable with products it was not prior to your naked week.

2. It will be easier to pinpoint the annoying reactions of specific products. If you use several styling at a time on a regular basis, resetting your hair will help you find out which one of them has been aggravating your hair or scalp lately or giving you an allergic reaction.

3. You might like your unaltered hair more! If you have not worn your hair completely natural in as long as you can remember, you might actually like the result. Especially if you have been taking care of hair with the use of regular deep treatments and beneficial products, the results of a break from them may surprise you.

4. You might eliminate some styling product steps. After wearing your hair naked for a bit and then add products back to your regimen gradually, you might find some of them were not really doing much. If you can eliminate some products, you can save some time and money.

The cons

I do have some concerns about wearing my hair naked, and these are 100% solely my opinion based. Here they are:

1. You will have puffy, frizzy hair. If your hair is not the healthiest, wearing your it naked may result in it puffy, frizzy curls. Sure, you can always tie it back to tame it for the duration of Naked Hair Week, but I personally wouldn’t want to go outside into the humidity with no products in my hair.

2. You will be lacking moisture. As someone with extremely dry wavy curls, going without a leave-in conditioner might make your natural wavy or curly hair feel terribly dry. Since my hair is constantly thirsty--as most curls are since it takes so long for the natural oils from the scalps to reach the ends--I rely on them for moisturization. 

3. You may put yourself at risk for split ends. Sealing my hair with an oil, and using a heat protectant in the winter helps protect my delicate, weak ends from splitting. Going naked to me would be just that- going naked, being completely exposed. I feel like this would make my ends even more susceptible to splitting.

4. You will need a clarifying shampoo and The Curly Girl Method. Some may argue that wearing naked hair more often can help with product build-up, and I understand that viewpoint. But if I use a clarifying shampoo regularly--my favorite is Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Shampoo--and if I also follow the Curly Girl Method, using styling products without silicones or other ingredients known to cause build-up, I think my hair is just fine.

Naked hair: is it worth it?

Wearing your hair naked has its benefits, and some curlies enjoy their completely unaltered pattern--which is wonderful! But personally, the only way this will happen is if I do not have to leave my house for an entire week.

Have you ever worn your hair naked? Would you consider it now? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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