You've heard that fortune favors the bold, right?

Ancient Romans said it, and you know THEY were never wrong...until they were. But this isn't the History Channel.

A girl with light caramel skin shows off her dyed neon green and pink hair in French braid pigtails


We are going to be talking about a kind of alien look though— that being super bright two tone hair!

Two tone hair, sometimes called split dyed hair when it's directly down the middle, is that Monokuma/Harley Quinn/Cruella Deville/Nicki Minaj in part of the Superbass video look, and personally, I've always been of two minds about it. Which is fitting, I suppose.

On one hand, it's SO. CUTE. On the other hand, if I somehow didn't get everything exactly symmetrical, I think I would ACTUALLY die, probably of hyper-theatric-osis or some such similar syndrome. I realize that in our Austin bubble, the NC editors and I are all a little more sheltered from the general consensus of what 'weird' and 'extra' and 'reasonable cost of living' actually are, but this look is still pretty out there, and you'd want to get it right, right?

Camille Johnson of Offbeat Look is no stranger to styles that really rock the status quo, which is awesome right out of the gate.

A tan skinned girl with half pink and half neon green hair flips her curls up

Offbeat Looks

She's taking us through her magnificent neon methods in this video, so watch, learn and if you adjust your screen's brightness down to accommodate this radioactive look, you're a wuss, but I don't blame you.

I kind of love how hard she gets in there, very primal. Very...hands on.

"Oh, and gloves? Those are for wimps"


I'm still super uncomfortable with the idea of dyeing my hair since that involves lifting the color out of it. Even though I've certainly seen many tutorials with how to do it safely and reviews of salons and stylists that have done it right, I'm scared. Two tone hair on me is going to mean neon colored box braids and wigs for me right now, but who knows, maybe one day I can take the bleach plunge. It's not like I'm really hurting for deep conditioner after all.

The biggest worry, even in Austin, might be workplace issues. Personally, I work as a creative, and I think it's probably worse off if clients DON'T think I look weird. But of course some of y'all are teachers and secerataries and nurses and judges and such, and you don't quite have carte blanche as far as color (ba-dum-tssh). I feel like that's were wigs come in. You can certainly grab a blonde one and practice your coloring skills yourself, or check out fun shop pages and find a cute ready-made one! Think of it as your own personal transformation sequence during your off-hours.

So what kind of color combos would y'all want to try with two tone hair? Would you keep it subtle with natural hair colors like black and auburn, or would you go all out with anime-protagonist type shades? Personally I'm thinking more along the lines of pastels...maybe a nice pink and seafoam mix? Just in time for spring!

Let us know how you'd do this 'do in the comments!