BunGretchen and Michelle, co-founded NaturallyCurly.com 13 years ago this month, and in celebration, are giving you 30 days of curl empowerment giveaways!

When Gretchen and I created NaturallyCurly 13 years ago this month, our main goal was to help people like us learn to love their curly hair. It was truly about empowerment, from the very beginning.

People would send in stories about their own challenges with their curls and kinks, and soon began to realize that they were not alone in their struggles. See, there were other people out there who had fought the same battles, whether it be dealing with name calling or simply with curl-hostile stylists. Through this common bond came a sense of acceptance, and through acceptance, came true power.

What evolved was an amazing community of women and men with waves, curls and kinks, from all corners of the globe. And the power of this very vocal community has helped reshape the curl landscape. When we launched this site, few stylists knew how to work with curls, and few companies had products designed for kinky and curly hair. Today, the curl industry has boomed with hundreds of new curl products, with retail shelves specially designated for this growing category. Stylists are seeking out curl training, and entire salons now focus exclusively on curly haired clients.

Curly hair is not only defining a market, it is taking it over! That is true curl power, and it is this 13-year-old community that got us here!

So, happy 13th anniversary curlies! As a gift to all of you who have made NaturallyCurly what it is, we will be giving away prizes every day during September’s 30 Days of Curl Power. And getting back to our roots, we will feature a different curl story everyday, from men and women across the country. If free products don’t help you to empower your curls, watch what these real people have to say about who they were before they accepted their hair, who they are now, and how their hair has transformed their lives — for the better!

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