It seems like there’s a new TV commercial every day for some styling tool that claims to fix all of your hair problems. Lucky for you, we have tried and tested them all, and curated a list of the ones that actually live up to their claims! We understand the struggle, and want to help take the guesswork out of finding amazing styling tools so you can work your natural hair with confidnece.

As a curly myself, I like switching up my look from time to time. Sometimes I opt for defined, frizz-free curls achieved through finger coiling, a comb, and styling products, or a more effortless voluminous look created with a spray bottle and brush. A couple times a year, I even straighten my hair to really confuse people at work, it all depends on the day and occasion! NaturallyCurly Editors tried out styling tools that will help you acheive whatever your desired look is, be it smooth and straight, or big and curly. 

The styling tools that made it on our coveted
2018 Annual Editors’ Choice List were handpicked by us for you. Scroll down to see what products won, and what you may want to add to your shopping cart!

What we look for:

Here are a few (but not all”> of the criteria we used to make our decision:

  • Does the styling tool provide the detangling, ease of use, and final style desired? 

  • Does the product do what it claims it will do?

  • Does the product have added benefits not listed? What are they?

  • Ease of use and product distribution

  • Packaging and product functionality

  • Innovation

If you’re on the search for a comb, brush, spray bottle, or hair towel that will work for your curl pattern, check out our 2018 Editors’ Choice award winners below!

Type 2


Curly Hair Solutions H2O Water Bottle

This water bottle is so good at refreshing curls that it has already won several Editors’ Choice awards in previous years! Its continuous spray formula is a must-have for naturals in need of a quick refresher in the morning. This refillable, ultra-fine and continual spray bottle covers large areas of hair to be covered quickly and easily. Styling has never been this easy. The mist will rehydrate dull curls, re-shape, moisturize and stretch your hair without soaking or re-wetting the entire head. While this won the award for type 2 waves, I know curlies all across the spectrum who use and love this water bottle.

Type 3


Hair Remedie Frizz-Eliminating Towel

Using a patent pending multi-layer design, the Hair Remedie Towel dries hair quickly while naturally eliminating frizz. The outer cotton t-shirt fabric protects your hair while the inner layer of ultra-absorbent cloth soaks up all the excess water. It’s the perfect tool to get you out of the house quickly without soaking wet curls! Its generous 39 inches across and 25 inches wide, meaning even the curlies with Rapuzel-esque hair will be able to wrap everything inside, unlike an oversized T-shirt. Benefits of this towel include:

  • Fighting Frizz
    • Since your hair only touches the super soft and smooth outer fabric, its not roughed up by terrycloth or microfiber materials which can lead to frizz. The outer layer of fabric completely covers an absorbent inner layer.
  • Decreasing Dry Time
    • The multi-layer, patent-pending design plus the large size allows more water to be absorbed, so your hair comes out of the towel with curls intact!
  • Multi-use capabilities
    • This towel is also a great item to take to the gym, swimming, or on vacation! It fits effortlessly into a gym bag, suitcase or beach bag, and dries so quickly you can pack it up an go on a dime.

Type 3c


Curly Hair Solutions Flexy Brush

We have deemed this THE best detangling brush on the market for 3c curly/coily hair. It’s great for kids and adults, and won’t leave you devastated by breakage from pursuing a stubborn tangle.


  • Best detangling on wet or dry curl textures
  • Great for kids
  • Strong durable, lightweight and easy to clean
  • Open cushion concept maximizing airflow when blow-drying; eliminates bacteria or product build up in the shower
  • Soft flexible multi dimensional silicone bristles for sensitive scalps & stubborn knots
  • Exfoliates scalp while detangling, minimizes hair loss, increase blood circulation

Type 4


The Spriggle

Unlike brushes or traditional hair picks, the spriggle allows for use on dry curls without creating frizz. The prongs are widely spaced which allows detangling without disruption to the curl pattern. We have deemed this innovative version of a comb as holy grail worthy for type 4 hair. It’s also perfect for creating parts and seperating your hair for a diverse nuber of styles!

What’s your favorite styling tool? Let us know in the comments below if yours was chosen and what you love most about it!

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