This post is for all Wavies and Curlistas and Naturalistas, still on the hunt for the numero uno gel to:

  • Eliminate flyaways and straggly, wiry rebel hair strands
  • Define your natural curl pattern while adding shine
  • Apply easily, dried quickly, and won’t flake all over you
  • Strong enough hold for intricate styling without drying out curls
  • Make you look like the shining star you are!

Well, my friends… I think we’ve found another winner with Ecoco!!!

curl and wave eco style gel

With every unboxing, we’re always thinking: Is it the ‘One’ that will be my end-all-be-all?

In this case, the Eco Style Wave & Curl Gel 100% was for NaturallyCurly community member Shauna! Watch as she explores the benefits of this one of a kind gel that gives those curls, waves, and coils moisture, hold, and shine:

What I love most about Shauna’s experience with the gel was that she was able to optimize her waves’ natural pattern while managing its natural behavior (e.g., taming her flyaways and wild hairs”>. When we talked to her about it, she was genuinely excited by its hold and scent.

woman with curly hair holds curl and wave eco style gel in her hand

That’s great, G. But how do I get MY hair to look good with this gel?

Friend! I’m so glad you asked. Let’s explore some amazing ways you can optimize your curls with the Eco Style Wave & Curl Gel! Check your Curl Pattern, then get gelled up!

Optimize Waves

curly hair

Wavy hair enthusiast and influencer Becky Woodford understands the wavy girl’s plight, but she does have a golden nugget of advice for you all. She says, “You probably need a product that has a stronger hold than what you are using. Strong holding products for waves can be intimidating because you generally do not want to have a stringy crunchy look to your waves but rather a soft hold that will clump your waves without separating them.”

Clearly, you should grab the ultimate gel I’ve mentioned in this feature! Once you get it, I highly recommend diffusing it after applying it to your wet curls. Don’t know? Watch Managing Editor Cristina Cleveland optimize her waves by diffusing them in the video below.


Optimize Curls

curly hair

If you are hesitant to try gels because you fear that they weigh down the hair, let Samantha Berley weigh in:

“It not only helps settle hair, frizz and flyaways, but it is perfect for thicker hair.”

She goes on to explain, “It helps define curls when applied to damp hair like mousse however does last longer. Gel is heavier and therefore great for running around for hours on end.” This is a win for curlies because you can use a little or a whopping amount to get long lasting styles; it’s all up to you and your curls!

I recommend optimizing your curls with a simple wash and go that takes a dollop or two of the gel, finger raking, and air drying. Watch Graphic Designer Frances Shaw optimize her stunning curly hair in the video below.


Optimize Coils

coily hair

If you’re coily, you’re probably more a gel expert than I am (or, at the very least, you have your favs”>. In any event, you need to try this gel. Based on rave reviews and and high sung praises, your coils and zig-zags and kinks are going to POP with this gel ??

To optimize your coils, I recommend the advice of Type 4 coil-star Tabitha Tongoi who says, “I’ve worn strand twists from when I had 4 inches of hair to this very moment when my hair is about 20 inches long. I’ve found them equally effective at all lengths. When my hair was shorter, I’d wear micro-twists and as my hair has grown longer I’ve made my twists slightly thicker.”

“The great thing about twists is that you can install them as you please regardless of the length of your hair.“

Watch as beauty and skincare guru Amanda Starghill shows you how to style your strands in 2 cool ways!


Ready to optimize your wavy and curly hair?

You betta get it, girl! Eco Style Wave & Curl Gel, that is. Learn more about this beloved gel for Wavies and Curlistas via SHOPNaturallyCurly today!

As ever, stay curly!

This post is sponsored by Eco Style.

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