Real talk, this No Sugar Challenge is driving me a little bit nuts.

A stress toy shaped like a chef that

I swear this was an accident.

No seriously, when was the last time you were on your knees ugly-crying in a produce aisle? I honestly hope the answer to that is 'Oh my GOD, April, NEVER', for y'all's sake, but my answer as of writing is "Five days ago". In my defense, I was hungry, and also HOW do you run out of CILANTRO.

Still though, despite the frustrations, recurring dreams, and the "brown rice noodles" that have WHITE RICE LISTED AS THE SECOND INGREDIENT, I intend to persevere! And there are other ways for me to get my sweet fix, especially in my hair and skin care! There are products loaded with the sugars, juices, and starches that we're not allowed to consume internally on this challenge, but our curls have no such restrictions!

Go on and give this list a look!

An infographic with some of the offerings in the Sweet Curls shop linked below.

Pretty sweet, right? But what do things on our 'No' list actually do for you externally?


As mommy always says, "Sugar is not your friend". That definitely goes for eating it in excess, but there are actually quite a few ways it helps your hair and skin! For one thing, the same sticky qualities sugary drinks have when you spill can translate into both hold and volume when used in hair products. Similarly, the way wet sugar coats and surrounds everything it lands on means it's a great help in heat protection! And who can deny the results of a good sugar scrub down when you're getting all that dry winter skin off in the shower? Exactly.


Where do you even begin with honey? It's a natural antiseptic that can literally last hundreds of years without spoiling, and its humectant properties means that it actively draws moisture into your hair and skin to keep things supple. Throw in its anti-inflammatory and penetrating emollient powers, and you've got a bona fide perfect ingredient for all your beauty needs. I'm going to be skipping my me-day masques with honey for the time being (why tempt fate), but as long as it's combined with other less edible ingredients, you're good to go!

Fruit Juice:

I was actually pretty steamed that we couldn't have even 'no sugar added' fruit juice on this challenge, but let's face it, the concentration of sugar in all-natural juice is still high, and won't include those trace things like silica and fiber that you get with the whole fruit. However, because you can't erase anti-oxidants through pulping, topical applications of fruit juices and extracts can still aid hair growth and skin brightness even if you have to put down the straw for now.

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Does that sound good? Of course it does! Head on over to our specially curated Sweet Curl Shop and get your hands on these guilt-free goodies.

And if you're handling the No Sugar Challenge better than I am, shout out how you're coping in the comments!

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