Woman with half moisturized curls.Compare the shrunken and hydrophobic left curls with the hydrated ringlets on the right.

Our world is filled with all types of phobias from arachnophobia (fear of spiders”> to germophobia (fear of germs”>. But did you know that curly hair suffers from a unique type of phobia called hydrophobia?  I didn’t either, but at America’s Beauty Show, Curly Hair Solutions’ Jonathan Torch gave me one of the most insightful lessons on curly hair behavior I’ve ever had surrounding this concept of hydrophobia.

“Hydro” = water and “phobia”= fear of.  Put that together and you’ve got “fear of water”.  CHS’ Torch argues that curly hair  is naturally  hydrophobic, or repellent of water, while at the same time needing more moisture than other curl types to thrive.  The key to maintaining a healthy and beautiful head of curls is overcoming curly hair’s intrinsic hydrophobia. Hair further down the length of the shaft is normally more porous, so the majority of your “squeezing” work should be done at the root where newer hair has a stronger lipid barrier for moisture to break through. Torch uses a unique method that employs a simple nylon root brush to effectively squeeze water into the shaft of the hair through the cuticle layer. I was able to get a step-by-step how to from his demonstration on the Texture Pavilion Mainstage at this year’s ABS.

How to Squeeze Water In

Here’s Curly Hair Solution’s easy technique for getting saturated moisture from root to tip for curl enhancement and elongation.

Curly Hair SolutionCurly Hair Solution’s Root Brush works through model’s curls.
  1. Cleanse and Condition – make sure your curls are clean and conditioned.  Keep hair wet. After all, we’re trying to get water inside your strands!
  2. Detangle twice – Prep hair with a light leave in and use a wide tooth comb to get out any large tangles.  Switch to a smaller comb to further break down any lurking snarls. Really focus on detangling. This will make sure you minimize any damage during the next step.
  3. Product Time! – For this technique, use a styling product geared towards elongation and definition like Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz liberally throughout the hair.
  4. Get to the root of it –  Using the Curly Hair Solutions Root Brush, brush through small sections of hair.  Work your way from tip to root and make sure to take your time to prevent breakage.  It is this special brush and technique that  both “squeezes” the water into your strands for ultimate moisture and elongates your curl pattern for superb definition.
  5. High and dry –  Let your hair air dry as normal.

Voila!  Shiny, healthy and most importantly MOISTURIZED curls.  Fear of water, be gone!

Final thoughts

For more information or to check out demonstration videos of the Curly Hair Solutions Root Brush, visit their website. Stay tuned for more of our curl findings from this years ABS! Check out our list of the hottest trends from the show here!