Scalpure Treatment Mask goes to the root of the problem to improve thinning hair, breakage and other hair issues

It was Steven and Thomas Banas' own search to find something that would help their own hair that led to the creation of the Scalpure Hair & Scalp Mask.



After trying a lot of products on the market, to no avail, Steven consulted a New York City trichologist—someone whose expertise lies in maximizing the health and well-being of the hair and the scalp. The trichologist took some hair samples from Steven and examined the roots of those hair samples under a microscope.

"When he examined my hair roots, he showed me a buildup of impurities that was actually attached to and surrounding my hair roots," Steven Banas says. "He explained how common it is for this build-up to occur in men and women because traditional hair care does not address this build-up. He also explained to me how these impurities were choking my hair roots and how my follicles were gradually dying."

The trichologist recommended a very expensive treatment program that would supposedly clarify the scalp to help the hair. Instead, the Banas brothers decided to take matters into their own hands, embarking on a journey that would accomplish what was necessary to dramatically improve their hair. After finding a formula that worked for them, they decided to have others try it as well. Knowing what a difference it made for their hair, the Banas were not at all surprised to hear over and over the positive differences that the formula was making for the hair and scalp of the individuals who were trying it.

A year and a half ago, they introduced their formula as the Scalpure Hair & Scalp Mask. They have discovered that their product is not only for individuals experiencing declining hair or scalp problems. It is literally a product that everyone can benefit from. How often an individual uses the Scalpure Hair & Scalp Mask depends on the state of the hair and the condition of the scalp.

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I LOVE this website, but come on, that product sounds GREAT but this "article" is nothing more than a Scalpure press release in (very poor) disguise. Every product release is going to make the product sound fantastic, but in order for curly girls to rely on this website we need to know that you TEST a product and only endorse products that you know are good quality and make claims that can be substantiated. Reach out to your readers if you need product testers! Please update us once someone with has tested Scalpure!

This product seems amazing!