Honey for your hair

Go natural for the health of your hair!

What do honey, avocado and olive oil have in common? Yes, they can be added to food to make it yummy but they're also the kinds of ingredients you can find in haircare products. You may already know which fruits are good for your hair. Now we can add essential oils and natural ingredients right from your kitchen, and we have a feast for your hair.

We know what we should feed our hair, but sometimes it's difficult to make these natural hair foods by yourself. As someone who has taken a stab at mixing and blending natural ingredients by myself, I can tell you it is often frustrating and expensive to create some of those blends. This is something I will leave to the professionals. DyeVerCity Salon, located in Georgia, has made it easier to get these healthy hair ingredients. I had the opportunity to interview DyeVerCity Salon's own Stacy Hill. She chatted with me about the upcoming DyeVerCity's Natural Line which features ingredients found in nature.

NaturallyCurly: What kind of ingredients do you use in your products?

Stacy Hill: The product lines we use contain natural ingredients... honey, olive oil, horsetail, shea butter, jojoba, rice bran oil, lavender, lemongrass and so much more. Everything the hair and body needs can be found in nature, so we use a lot of natural products that protect the hair.

NC: Are your products all-natural?

SH: We use both natural and organic products.

NC: How did you come up with the idea to put food into haircare products?

SH: We researched what nutritional value natural ingredients have for the hair, skin and body. That was enough to make me look a little deeper into the matter. Honey helps the hair to retain moisture, this is very important in type 4 hair. Olive oil is very important in forming a protective healing barrier. This is important to severely damaged hair of any type, especially those that are color clients.

NC: Did you have a certain hair-type audience in mind when you created these products?

SH: Our salon is rightfully called DyeVerCity Salon, because we service every hair type imaginable. We have anyone with hair in mind when selecting hair products.

NC: Where can we find your products? When can we except to see them in stores?

SH: I hope to start our line by winter of this year. Products will be available at DyeVerCity Salon, 706-922-8759.

Learn more about Stacy Hill in our Stylist Spotlight feature. And we'll keep you posted about her new line as the launch draws nearer.