Hillary Molinar

Dear Ouidad:

I have thick, Type 3B hair and I deep condition regularly and follow the CG method - but for some reason my hair will not grow past my shoulders. I try my best to maintain healthy curls, but what can I do to encourage growth?

- Hillary 3C, Pictured


To encourage hair growth, I highly recommend starting at the scalp. First I'd recommend you try exfoliating your scalp and then using a deep treatment to repair and prevent damage. This will help clear your scalp and your hair follicles of any product buildup and residue you may have. I created my Mediterranean Bay Leaf Treatment using Fennel Seed Extract to increase micro-circulation and oxygen flow to the root.

How to Use It

  • Shampoo hair as you normally would
  • Massage the Bay Leaf Treatment gently over your entire scalp for 1-3 minutes using just your fingertips
  • Rinse out and follow up with a conditioner, running it throughout your hair for additional moisture

If your goal is to encourage hair growth, I would recommend using this 2-3 times per week. You can also try this alongside our Salon Series Biotin Reparative Treatment, an overnight scalp treatment infused with Biotin and a rich vitamin cocktail. These two products used in conjunction will soothe and improve the condition of your scalp to help promote healthy hair growth.

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