Women everywhere are clamoring for the latest innovations in hair color care, oftentimes at the cost of damaging and drying their strands. There's no way you're going to follow suit because you know that your curls crave moisture.

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You also know that it's difficult for any curl, no matter its pattern or texture, to bounce back from breakage. What you need is Bigen: hair color that replenishes lost moisture while deepening the lively hues into your curls.

Isn't it time you got this and more?

Keep reading to learn how!

Take a Break from Breakage with these 3 Oils and 1 Butter

Oils are great for color treated curls and natural hair!

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Healthy, undamaged curls and rich color are on deck for you thanks to three powerful, nourishing oils and one amazing butter. Finding their way into new semi-permanent hair color formulations by NaturallyCurly reader's favorite Bigen, these individual oils on their own pack a punch:

  • Argan - Best known for its ability to eliminate frizzy, dry hair strands, this powerful oil brings shine to color treated curls. What's even better is that argan oil repairs damaged hair.
  • Coconut – Arguably the most popular the hair oils, this fruit derivative is truly one of a kind, especially when it comes to sealing the hair shaft with moisture.
  • Maracujã - Also known as 'passion fruit', this oil is a power-packed with antioxidants and fatty acids that strengthen hair strands. Yes, that means curls will be fortified against damage during the color treatment process.
  • Shea Butter - Who doesn't love shea butter? When you put this conditioner-by-nature's-design butter into a hair formula for color that wears long and curls that stay strong, you've got a new "I love this so much" product on your hands.
  • With the introduction of coconut oil and shea butter to its Vivid Shades collection and coconut, argan, and maracujã oils in the regular semi-permanent collection, Bigen is making it easier for you to color your curls with confidence.

Color your Curls with Care

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Why worry about breakage when you have a new formula, designed specifically to keep every color treated curl intact? Whether you choose a natural shade of brown or a stunning ruby red, you can rest assured that this semi-permanent color puts your curls first thanks to it being ammonia- and peroxide-free. The formula deposits color into hair strands; can withstand shampooing over several weeks; and will maintain your chosen hue's vibrancy.

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