Oh, the stunning beauty of naturally lightened hair!

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Golden brown curls are lovely so keep them healthy. || @marceau_photeau for nappy.co


You love this look, but what appears to be natural, sun-kissed kinks and curls is actually - gasp - sun damage.

Yes, my friend. SUN. DAMAGE. 

Not feeling so cute, anymore? That's okay. I was caught off guard when my stylist told me about this last year. I mean, there I was, just basking in the glow of my caramel tinted coils only to fly too close to the sun and get burned. Boo!

Picking the shards of my broken ego up off the floor, I decided to research natural hair sun damage because I mean come on... this is AWFUL.

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Golden brown curls are lovely so keep them healthy. || @marceau_photeau for nappy.co


Curly chemist and writer Tonya McKay Becker breaks down what happens when natural hair is overexposed to sunlight. 

"Most of us are familiar with the lightening of our hair that occurs when we spend hours in the sun in the summer. To many people, this is even a desirable side effect of sunbathing," Becker explained in her article about protecting natural hair from the sun, "However, this effect is evidence of the destruction of pigment in the hair as a direct result of UV-induced oxidation of melanin particles in the cortex."

YIKES. So, many of us Naturals have been cooking our hair strands through overexposure?! So, what about those of us that chemically lighten and lift color off of our hair strands?

"This effect is particularly devastating for those of us who rely upon the wonders of hair dye to enhance our natural coloring because the molecules used in hair dyes to add color to hair are even more susceptible to degradation via ultraviolet radiation,” Becker explained further, “UV radiation also can cause cleavage of molecular bonds in the hair, ultimately leading to fracture of the cuticle and the cortex."

Whoa. Okay. So, what does that mean, exactly?

"This can lead to dry, brittle hair, rough texture from damaged cuticles, split ends, and breakage."

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Protect your hair strands with coconut oil! || @evelinterres for PEXELS


See? Sun damage is 100% not cool.

How Every Naturalista Can Avoid Sun Damage All Year Long

If you're even mildly freaked out by this, you are probably wondering about a viable solution. Well, you definitely need to find a stylist to dust and trim those damage strands. While you wait for your appointment date to arrive, you need a regimen that is emollient-rich, to keep your hair strands coated in moisture all summer long. How?

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Keep reading to learn how to protect your natural hair from sun damage. || @bridgid_ryan for nappy.co


Look no further than all-inclusive Coconut Restore Weekend Getaway Kit, featuring coconut oil-based items that will hydrate and smooth your hair strands no matter where you decide to take your weekend vacations this summer.

The hair and skin care experts at The Alternative Daily can vouch for this incredibly simple solution: “One of coconut oil’s impressive talents is the ability to protect hair and skin from the sun. Some experts say that coconut oil naturally contains a sun protection factor, or SPF 10.” So, of course you’ll want the kit that will cover every strand with natural protectant.

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Coconut Restore's Weekend Getaway Kit Is Here For Every Naturalista, Everywhere!

You know that we adore you, and want you to live your #bestlife. So, we’re offering you the Coconut Restore Weekend Getaway Kit – available ONLY at SHOP NaturallyCurly! No matter where you go this summer, your kinks, coils, curls, and waves will look extra lit.

You will protect your natural hair from sun damage with these lifesavers in the kit:
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Bask in the glow of healthy curls this summer! || @dimexphotography for nappy.co

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