It's that time again: Date Night! Moreover, you do not want to wear the same old tired style on this special night. You want to shake things up, but there's a problem: You don't have much time!

That is why you can get your cute on with a get-ready-for-date-night look that will help you pick the 'fit, beat the face, and spritz the smell goods without breaking a sweat in seven easy steps.

With the scoop on all things cute and curly, Smooth 'n Shine gave us the lowdown on how to get Date Night curls that are luscious, cute, and right on time: Presents Date Night with Smooth

What You Need to Achieve Date Night Hair:

As instructed, you are going to need several items to achieve this look. Smooth 'n Shine recommends the following for all hair types, including those of us with dense, coily hair that usually takes hours to style:

You do not want to skimp on the steps, and we have at least four reasons why. Take a look:

Why does curly hair need a co-wash instead of regular shampoo and conditioner?

Although your regular shampoo and conditioner are great for wash day maintenance, you will want to invest in a daily curl cleanser if you are prone to product build-up or are used to washing your hair frequently. Also, and more importantly, co-washes repair dry, damaged hair via hydration and adding in specific emollients like Shea butter and camellia oil.

Why deep treat curls after using a co-wash formula?

Although co-washes cleanse the curls while simultaneously adding moisture, the outer layer of your hair strands needs to be smoothed down before getting sealed. A deep treatment will do this while also adding moisture to your scalp. The camellia oil in the Deep Treatment Recovery acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent for your scalp as well as a powerful natural conditioner.

Why add curl cream instead of gel?

You may think that the only way to get super defined curls for date night is to use a firm-holding gel, but you don't want that if your goal is super soft-to-the-touch hair. A curl defining cream is the way to go because you are not only sealing your hair strands with moisture; you are priming them for the next step, which is diffusing your curls.

Why diffuse?

You will also need to diffuse your hair, depending on your curl length. For naturals with short curls, there's no need to fret! You will need a hood attachment to dry your curls for this style. You will also be pleased to know that the hair cuffs you will find are perfectly adjustable and ridiculously fly – get it, curl friend!

Moreover, remember, for this Valentine's Day and all the days that follow, you can love your hair every day, every way with Smooth 'n Shine!

As ever, stay curly!

This post is sponsored by Smooth 'n Shine.

Infographic photography by Brio Photography.