So adulthood is great, right?

NaturallyCurly Family Fun Smooth

You get to buy your own food, pay your own bills, fix your own appliances—okay, fine, all of that's time and money consuming, but it means you're handling yourself, and that's a great thing! Shoot, I still remember the pride I felt the first time I changed my own AC filter. Unfortunately, sometimes when you go visit the old heads at holiday luncheons, dinners, egg hunts and such, you're still considered a little kid.

There's a world of difference between you and the cousins in high school, even if you ARE still both befuddling your elders with your Instagram savvy. But it's about time you take your place at the grown folks' table, wouldn't you agree? And what better way to solidify your status than with a show-stopping new 'do?

When your usual twist out just isn't far enough from your niece's puff, this is how you take it to the next level!

Her hair's big because it's full of Auntie Secrets™ and excellent hold.

family fun infographic by naturallycurly for smooth n shine

So let's break down what we're blowing up with!

Too much depth for dryness

Our first step after a good spritz was the Deep Recovery Treatment. Don't let the name fool you, it's actually NOT a rinse-out conditioner! Rather, the absorbent power of camellia oil, as well as the deeply nourishing shea butter, come together in an enriching blend perfectly formulated for relieving dry coils. Considering that the next step is running a blow dryer directly through your hair, you'll need all the soothing, smoothing, elasticity that the Treatment provides! Keep things on low as always, and if your hair is in need of a little extra TLC, you can jump ahead a few steps and reach for the Straight Conditioning Polisher for a bit of extra heat protection before your blowout!

Adding stylish structure

Nothing says 'I've got my life together' like obedient curls. However, if you go too stiff, you'll get crunchy coil-crisps that you won't be able to hear all the good family gossip over! Don't worry though, you won't miss that tea with the Straight Bodifying Mousse! The breakout ingredient here is the black seed oil that seals your moisture and helps to lay down your strands' cuticles at the same time! And with the always-flexible coconut oil taking up residence, you'll be sure to have a look with hold AND health once you step out from under the hood. "Mousse" us with any flaky products—this is going to be the peanut butter to your flexirods' chocolate every time. (Hey, you're never too old to ask the little cousins to sneak you some of that Easter candy, keep your eyes on the prize...)

The grand finale

What is a cake without icing? Okay, well, arguably still a good cake. Or a delicious muffin. But that doesn't mean your entry into the next family tier up can afford to cut any corners. Black seed and coconut oil make another appearance in the Straight Conditioning Polisher, to shine up your curls and really make you sparkle. Bonus, when sprayed on post heat styling, you get a formula that stops flyaways and frizz before they even THINK about inviting themselves to your debut. Access denied.

If you're reading the product names here, you might be a little confused about something.

"How is all this stuff that says STRAIGHT possibly good for my curls?"

Great question, simple answer! These products were formulated with heat-based straightening tools in mind, not straight hair. If you've ever wanted to switch up your look with a temporary texture, you'll still need protection, and that's exactly what everything in the style-focused Black Seed and Coconut Oil line is set up to give you! The Camellia Seed Oil and Shea Butter line is the perfect complement to the styling suite as they all focus heavily on imparting the heavy hydration that's so crucial to hair prep before the blow drying.

Now that that's...straightened out, curlies, does this bomb big hair speak to you? Or are you still stuck with dullness and dryness at the kiddie table?

Let us know if you're ready to flex a flexirod set in the comments, and be sure to check out the Smooth 'n Shine family for your next family function!