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At times, the words protective styling is like hearing a broken record player. You hear it over and over again. Protective styles are highly suggested in the curly community to assist in length retention and to maintain healthy hair. If you are not familiar with protective styles, check out this guide that thoroughly explains them.

These styles allow the ends of the hair to be tucked away including braids, twists, and buns. Even though these styles have been known for helping curly girls with their length and healthy hair goals, it is not the only way to maintain healthy hair. You can still grow healthy hair while wearing your favorite wash and go and twist out! Want to learn how? Try including these healthy habits in your hair regimen. 

1. Deep condition

Deep conditioning is important for your hair regimen. It allows your curls to obtain moisture and strengthening benefits to maintain healthy hair.  At times this step can be overlooked, especially when rushing through a wash day. Deep condition your curls weekly and alternate between moisturizing and strengthening treatments. While deep conditioning, you can use a heated cap, hooded dryer, steamer, or your own body heat (a plastic cap and a beanie hat on top”>, so the deep treatment can penetrate the hair shaft. Make sure you follow the directions on the deep treatment packaging, especially for the allocated time for conditioning.

2. Seal your ends

The ends are the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair. While styling your hair, seal your ends with a butter or cream to obtain moisture. If your ends ever look dry, you can moisturize them again. As long as you thoroughly distribute moisture throughout your hair while styling, your ends are sealed. Once you start to notice split ends or your hair is not acting normal with styling, consider getting a trim.

3. Avoid snagging

Snagging can cause breakage and split ends. This can occur while you are detangling in a rush. Use a wide tooth comb while detangling and take your time combing from the ends to roots. Snagging can also occur while you are wearing sweaters, cardigans, and scarfs. Try to avoid those clothing materials or style your hair up and off of your shoulders while wearing them.

4. Sleep on a satin pillowcase

This relates back to tip number three. Sleeping with a satin cap or pillowcase not only retains moisture for the next day, but it also will prevent your hair from snagging on your cotton pillowcase. Sleeping with a cotton pillowcase can also absorb moisture from your hair, which causes dryness.

5. Wear hats

If you plan to be outside in dry, humid, or even cold weather, consider wearing a hat. It can prevent damage or dryness from the harsh sun, winds, and even environmental debris. Depending on the hat, you can sew a satin cap inside for additional protection. There are plenty of sun hats, baseball caps, or beanies that will work with your personal style. You will look fabulous!

What are ways you protect your curls without protective styling? Please share with the curly community. 

Ashley Glenn

Ashley Glenn is a Baltimore lifestyle blogger and founder of Ashley Glenn Blog. She believes that every curly has beautiful curls, no matter the shape, size, or texture.

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