natural hair hat hairstyle
Photo Courtesy of Izabela Habur -- Getty Images
Hats are a statement making accessory that can upgrade your outfit - but they are also a useful tool for protecting our hair and scalp. The sun is beaming down on us with a vengeance and our hair needs protection from the UV rays just like our bodies. Many oils and products on the market for our strands carry UV protection, but nothing is better than a physical barrier like a hat to safeguard our strands from the harsh sun. 

From baseball caps to sun visors to floppy sun hats, the choices are endless - but they are not without their challenges. We worry about hat hair, fitting all of our loveliness under a hat, and whether the hat will damage our strands in the process. All are valid concerns, but there are ways to safely - and fabulously - rock natural hair under a hat.

Loose & Uninhibited

Kenzey Cooper is an up and coming curly-haired vlogger with huge hair and a massive personality to match. While many opt for toning down the hair under hats, she revels in the size and creates hat styles that cater to her hair’s big personality. Kenzey’s video shares not one but four very cute ways to cleverly wear a baseball cap. While these styles are demonstrated on long hair,they can also be tailored for the shorthaired curlies. These hat styles require little to no effort to rock and your hair does not need to be tied down nor braided.

Free & Protected

Heels to High Tops is a vegan, stay-at-home-mom who shares great hair tips with a toddler in tow. She has a life hack that makes wearing all sorts of hats easier: a satin scarf. The hair under the hat is tied down by the satin scarf and protected while the remaining hair peeks out from the bottom. There are no bangs or hair in the front with this style. This is another loose hairstyle and I wanted to show just how easy it is to rock your hair out while wearing a hat. The satin cap or satin scarf will keep your hair is smooth to prevent severe hat head and allow your hair to be easily revived with some quick fluffing.

Tied up & Twisted

AskpRoy just wants to have fun with her hair. Hair health is a top priority for AskpRoy so it is no wonder her hat style is one that completely protects the strands all the way around. Hair is flat twisted up from the back of the head to the crown with twists in the front. You have the option to wear the twists either tucked or unraveled under almost any hat. This style keeps the majority of the hair up while the front is the center of attention. This also makes it easier to wear a satin scarf to cover and protect your hair.

And remember...

As a rule of thumb, always rock a hat when your hair has completely dried. Since wet hair is weaker and more elastic than dry hair, any friction under the hat could lead to breakage. You also want to avoid mildew. Try and find satin-lined hats or try a satin scarf or bonnet under the hat to further protect your strands and know that the hat is helping your scalp from sunburn. Yes, our scalps can burn, especially if you have low density hair! Protection is key and it can be achieved with cute hats all summer long.