Last summer I realized the joy of wearing headwraps. The African beauties here in Holland inspired me.

A headwrap is not only a fashion statement; it also helps you protect your hair against weather circumstances. Another advantage of a head wrap is that you can upgrade your hairdo when you want to skip washday.

In the Netherlands, there are many women who sell gorgeous African-inspired headwraps. But there are also small businesses that offer these accessories (such as Phunky Roots“>. I use regular fashion scarves, which I mostly buy from H&M, Zara and Bershka. Sometimes I wear a satin wrap underneath regular shawl in order to prevent my hair from drying.

Last year, I went to Tenerife, which is a hot volcano island belonging to Spain. I realized that my hair would endure severe sun damage if I would not cover it. So, I decided to do this fashionably. The island Islanders and fellow tourists loved it.

The two following techniques differ slightly depending on the thickness of the scarf. Below I will explain the main steps in my headwrap tying routine.

1. Pull your hair in a bun. The bigger the bun, the nicer the outcome will be.

2. Grab a scarf that will match your outfit! Bend your head and wrap the scarf around your head.

Twist the two ends of the scarf approximately four times.

3. Pull the twist back tightly. This will result in a nice shape on the top of your head.

4. Pull the remaining ends to the back of your head, creating a knot.

Stick the ends away below the parts wrapped around your head.

In the video, I added a layer by wrapping an additional scarf. Consequently, I achieved a more dramatic effect. However, the thickness of the second scarf required me to change the technique slightly:

1. Bend your head and wrap the additional scarf around your head.

2. Twist the two ends of the scarf, only once. Pull the remaining ends to the back of your head.

3. Stick the ends away below the parts wrapped around your head.

Watch my video tutorial of both techniques:

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