With the winter weather comes dryness, which has a potentially damaging effects on naturally curly hair.

With the winter weather comes dryness, which has a potentially damaging effects on naturally curly hair. During this time, many of us tend to try protective styles in order to protect our ends from over-manipulation, the day to day styling and environmental stressors.

As someone with fragile, fine, and curly hair, I have to choose my protective styles wisely. In the past, I would wear heavy braids and weaves that weighed my hair down, causing major breakage. Not to mention, I wore those styles for longer than I should have, and with minimal breaks in between. These are just a couple of the many lessons that were learned during my protective style trial and error phase, which is why I opt to rock one that only stays in my hair for a few days.

Enter: the two-strand twists

One of my favorite protective styles are two-strand twists because they are so simple to do. The look requires only a few items including: 

  • A comb

  • Leave-in conditioner

  • Edge control

  • A spray bottle with water 

Prior to styling, my hair was detangled and stretched using the Q-Redew Handheld Vapor Wand to retain length and keep my twists from bending. It’s not necessary but it does help keep the twists smooth. 

How to get the look

Start on freshly washed hair that has been deep conditioned. If you opt for longer twists, you can also start on stretched hair. Decide where your part should be–in the center, off-center, a side part, etc. Use your comb to create a precise part and also begin sectioning off your hair.

If you choose to start on dry, stretched hair, use a spray bottle to lightly spritz each section with water. Be sure not to spritz too much water or it will reactivate the curls and defeat the purpose. Then, distribute a small amount of  your leave-in conditioner throughout the section, concentrating on the ends. I like Innersense Pure Inspiration Daily ConditionerIf you are starting on freshly cleansed hair, skip the first step and proceed to applying a leave-in conditioner. 

Take two strands of hair from each section and begin twisting them around one another. Continue this motion until you have reached your ends. Because my ends never cooperate with me, I like to twist them around my finger until they stay in place using a small amount of the Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer.

Repeat these steps on all sections until you have completed the entire head. Your creme texturizer doubles as an edge control if you want to perfect your hairline.

Overnight Care

Pin small sections of them across your head so that they don’t unravel. This ensures that they will remain as pretty as day one hair. Tie a silk scarf around your hairline, covering your twists to keep them in place. 

The next morning, remove the scarf and gently unpin each section to let the twists lay loose. Smooth a small amount of lightweight oil on each twist to increase shine.

Watch the full tutorial here

When’s the last time you wore a twist-out?

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