Alessandra Christiani

NaturallyCurly: Please introduce yourself!

Alessandra Christiani: My name is Alessandra Christiani. I am a sophomore at Boston College and I am studying accounting and finance.

NC: How and when did you start embracing your curls, or have you always enjoyed and embraced your curls?

AC: I actually had poker-straight hair until I was fourteen. I hated the change in my hair and I fought it until my senior year of high school when I realized that I should just play up my natural 2B waves!

NC: So from start to finish, on a curly day, what’s your process?

AC: I switch up my shampoo and conditioner, although I love Pantene. I co-wash every night, and only use shampoo twice a week. While in the shower, I comb through my hair before rinsing out my conditioner. Instead of drying my hair with a towel, I use a T-shirt to eliminate frizziness. I also use Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioning Cream to smooth my hair. When my hair is partially dry, I scrunch my curls using Garnier Fructis Extra Strong Curl Scrunch Gel to further define my curls. I usually sleep on my partially wet hair, and wake up ready to start my day.

NC: What are your favorite hairstyles to wear with your curls?

AC: I typically wear my hair down, although I frequently sport a half up, half down look. Usually, I braid the front pieces of my hair back into a clip or a full ponytail. I love experimenting with a variety of braids, including French, Dutch, fishtail, and mermaid braids.

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