Angela Delyani

NaturallyCurly: Please introduce yourself!

Angela Delyani: My name is Angela Delyani. I live in southern New Hampshire. I am an independent CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation”> Consultant and a CASA/GAL (Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian ad litem”>.

NC: How and when did you start embracing your curls?

AD: My hair was actually stick-straight until puberty. It went from curly to wavy and back to curly over the years. Then it finally settled and it has been curly for nineteen years!

NC: What is your current routine?

AD: No-poo wash every third day or so, co-wash or pineapple for second (and sometimes third”> day hair. I always air dry, even in the coldest weather. My curls only get heat in the dome-dryer at the salon.

NC: So from start to finish, on a curly day, what’s your process?

AD: On a wash day, I wash (paying special attention to my scalp”>, rinse and then add conditioner. I leave the conditioner in until I finish my shower and then rinse most of it out. Once I’m out of the shower, I wrap my head in a microfiber towel. When I take the towel off, I flip my head over and run gel through my curls from roots to ends. Then I scrunch with more gel. Finally, I flip my head up, put my curls in place and let them air dry.

I try not to touch my hair much during the day, but sometimes I’ll flip it over and give it a shake and a little Mist-er Right if it needs a boost.

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