Meet Ashley Jackson, a 21 year old curly truck driver from Plano, TX.

NC: What are your favorite hairstyles to wear with your curls?

AJ: One of my favorite styles to wear is a half up, half down side ponytail. I make it look like it is all coming from the ponytail, and it gives the illusion of extremely long hair. Another favorite of mine is a simple bun because it requires very little effort.

NC: What are your must-have products and tools?

AJ: I must always have Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Moisture Renewal Shampoo, Moisture Renewal Conditioner and Curl Defining Mousse-Maximum Hold 4. I always detangle my hair with a brush. I never use a comb because it takes a lot longer.

NC: What was your most drastic haircut? 

AJ: When I was in the fourth grade, I had really long hair down to my butt. I did not comb it for a whole week! This caused it to matt up, so I was forced to get it chopped off to my shoulders.

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