If there’s one lesson to be learned over the past year (and truthfully there are quite a few”>, it’s that the environment we live in—and the planet itself—is responsive to all of our small decisions. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the formulation and packaging of our go-to holy grail products can all have an effect on the state of our earth’s dynamic ecosystems. As the public conversation surrounding climate change becomes more commonplace and its effects become more immediate in media and in the minds of conscious consumers, beauty brands are slowly evolving to usher in a new era of sustainable products. It may involve a bit more searching than your typical product hunt, but there’s a growing pool of environmentally-savvy hair care brands that provide eco-friendly product options to take your textured and curly hair to the next level, from wash day to protective styling. If you’re ready to switch out some of your current product stash for a more sustainable alternative, let us fill you in on some top contenders. Scroll on for 10 hair care brands that are ready to take on the challenge. 

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

1. Ecoslay

Ecoslay’s company values are all centered around bringing you products with organic ingredients, while shifting their packaging from single-use plastics to stylish refillable pouches and glass jars. Each order is shipped from a kitchen—there’s no warehouse! And although the products are made with a ton of natural ingredients, all Ecoslay products are formulated with the bare minimum amount of preservatives to ensure the longest possible shelf-life. 

The product line includes all kinds of wash-day products, but the Orange Marmalade and Jello Shot are must-tries. These highly rated gels deliver frizz-free hold. For super-thick curls, try the Jello Shot, for added slip when detangling, pick up the Orange Marmalade.

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

2. Rebundle

Calling all protective style queens–your box braids and passion twists don’t have to irritate your scalp! Rebundle has taken on the task of creating non-toxic, eco-friendly hair extensions and braiding hair. After taking down your protective style, send the plastic synthetic hair to Rebundle where it will be repurposed into furniture and lawn and garden tools. Do your next braided style with their lightweight, itch-free, biodegradable braiding hair, which is available in six colors. When you’re done with it, you can have confidence that it’ll be safe to add to your home compost or yard waste.

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options


EVOLVh calls its products “skincare for your hair.” This science-backed line features the clean ingredients that we love to see in a product, but using advanced technology to create unique blends of natural active ingredients. The company has moved all of its manufacturing and shipping operations to a single location, which has significantly reduced its carbon footprint, and packaging changes are soon to come with PCR components and glass options. If you need your products to do multiple jobs, check out the WonderBalm Magic for Curls. It fights frizz and flyaways, moisturizes dry hair, defines curls with no crunch, protects against heat & UV damage, and more. It’s a plant-based serum that will never weigh your hair down.

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

4. SheaMoisture

This familiar fan-favorite brand is full of hidden gems. When you purchase SheaMoisture products, you’re supporting communities of women in Africa who handcraft the raw shea butter. The brand has, of course, always been sulfate and paraben-free, but their natural shampoo bars are actually the perfect wash-day option to avoid plastic bottles. Simply massage your hair and scalp with the shampoo bar as you would your body in the shower. Choose from the 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Rhassoul Clay, Coconut Hibiscus Rhassoul Clay, and Jamaican Black Castor Oil Bentonite Clay shampoo bars.

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

5. Lush

This classic beauty brand has always had the goal of minimizing its harmful environmental impact, and maximizing quality. Lush tries to keep packaging to a minimum where possible, and encourages its customers to bring in empty containers for recycling. In recent years, their curly hair options have increased, including their best-selling Avocado Co-Wash (made with fresh avocado”> which provides a gentle, nourishing cleanse for dry curly, coily, or textured hair. Simply slide the bar over your hair or hands while washing to get a creamy lather. 

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

6. Function of Beauty

When you need a product that’s specific to your head of hair, Function of Beauty will have your back no matter the product or hair type. By taking their hair quiz, it allows you to create your own product experience based on your hair’s needs. Every product is cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and packaged in recyclable bottles, jars, and pumps. The company is steadily shifting toward using PCR bottles (bottles made from already-used plastics”>. Try their custom leave-in conditioner–there’s nothing like having a moisturizing base for styling that was created for your curls and your curls only. 

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

7. Innersense

Innersense is focused on bringing luxurious, organic, professional-quality products created by beauty professionals to consumers. All products are made without the typical harmful additives (parabens, silicones, sulfates, etc.”>, while the company aims to become “plastic neutral.” By investing in bottles made with recycled plastics, Innersense hopes to encourage a circular economy and market of sustainable packaging, and pursue even more packaging alternatives in the future as they become available. For curlies with thick and coarse hair, treat your curls to the popular emollient-rich Hydrating Cream Conditioner with organic rice, quinoa, flaxseed, shea butter, and coconut.

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

8. Briogeo

This Black-owned brand offers products for all textures and hair concerns, from hair damage, to lack of volume, to general curl care. Briogeo even has simplified recommended product regimens with only a few steps, to take the guesswork out of mixing and matching products. All products are mostly vegan and naturally derived, and all Briogeo bottles are made with at least 25% recycled plastic. Add their Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Shampoo to your self-care regimen. 

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

9. A Simple Planet

A simple ingredient strategy, an earth-friendly foundation, and an emphasis on every hair type from its origins helps A Simple Planet stand out among similar brands. Their focus is on products that reduce potential allergens and irritation and reused shipping materials (using 100% post-consumer products”> and shipping filler that is on its second use. This brand is wholly dedicated to clean living. The Detangler is made for all hair textures and is perfect for both adults and little ones. It’ll leave your curls weightless and without snags. 

10 Curly Hair Brands With Eco-Friendly Product Options

10. Yarok

Founded by celebrity stylist and aromatherapist Mordechai Alvov, Yarok aims to nourish the scalp first with vegan ingredients, and soothe the senses with aromatic essential oils. Sounds heavenly, right? In addition to a dedication to relaxation, Yarok is very transparent about its efforts to minimize its carbon footprint. All its product labels are created with 80% non-GMO corn, which is the most environmentally friendly paper alternative that is also waterproof. The Feed Your Moisture Masque would be the perfect addition to your very own home aromatherapy session. Treat tired curly or color treated hair and scalp to an intensely moisturizing coco créme, aloe vera gel, fresh wild harvested seaweed treat. Three percent of all profits will go to the Pachamama Alliance which protects 10 million acres of Amazon rainforest. 

Are you in the process of creating a more sustainable textured hair regimen? Give us some extra tips on how to get started on an eco-friendly hair journey in the comments below. 

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