Spring is here and there’s nothing like restarting your hair regime with a much needed detox. If you’re like me, you’ve heard of deep conditioning and scalp cleansers from brands like Girl + Hair and Sunday ll Sunday, but a detox was a new concept to me. Bounce Curl is here to help alleviate your dry and itchy scalp with their Bounce Curl Scalp Renew and Hair Scalp Kit that’s designed to help alleviate buildup, infuse moisture, and help establish a foundation for healthy hair. This collection features three products that are designed to help create a clean and healthy scalp with a Gentle Clarifying Shampoo, Turmeric Hair Detox, and Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner. Scalp care has been all the rage this past year with different brands releasing scalp care products and tools to help naturalistas dig in deep and give one of the most overlooked parts of our hair regime some love.

![bounce-curl-spa-kitname 700×700]Curlies Review the Bounce Curl Scalp Renew & Hair Spa Kit

The Products in the Kit

This was my first time doing a hair detox and trying Bounce Curl’s products so I was very excited and interested to see how these products would perform with my curls. 

The kit consist of three products:

Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

Thoroughly cleanses your hair without drying it and balances moisture while adding volume.

Turmeric Hair Detox

A jelly-like consistency mask formulated with antioxidant ingredients such as organic apple cider vinegar, charcoal, turmeric, and green tea to help remove any buildup in the hair.

Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner

Works to hydrate and soften the hair, providing high-level hair detangling.

My Bounce Curl Scalp Renew and Hair Spa Review

![bounce-curl-review]Curlies Review the Bounce Curl Scalp Renew & Hair Spa Kit

Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

I started with the Gentle Clarifying Shampoo which had a good lather and a very mild scent. Because it was so light it was hard to capture on camera, but it was a good start to my wash routine for the day. As it promises, it had light moisture and didn’t overly dry my hair which was great because the next step required some work. Forewarning, you definitely need to set aside time for all three products in this process, between showering, letting the detox sit, and then the deep conditioner, it took me roughly 35-40 minutes.

![bounce-curl-review-1]Curlies Review the Bounce Curl Scalp Renew & Hair Spa Kit

Turmeric Hair Detox

The Tumeric Hair Detox Mask was very memorable in texture and color. It came out like a gel and had a black jelly-like consistency that made it easy to apply onto my scalp and massage into my hair. This didn’t smell so much like turmeric as it did apple cider vinegar which was the strongest scent I picked up while using it. Initially it was a very mild sensation, but once I put my cap on and let my timer run for 15-20 minutes I could feel the product working into my scalp with a tingly sensation. Once I washed it my scalp felt refreshed, but my curls were stripped of moisture, so I knew it was time to apply the deep conditioner.

![20220314 101717]Curlies Review the Bounce Curl Scalp Renew & Hair Spa Kit

Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner

The Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner was the highlight of this process because it was the perfect finisher that revived my curls to life. It softened and detangled my hair with little to no effort on my part at all and had an alluring aroma of peaches. When I washed my hair out, my curls were visibly hydrated and immediately started forming my curls.

![20220314 165237]Curlies Review the Bounce Curl Scalp Renew & Hair Spa Kit

I didn’t want to add any additional products because of how much I loved the results, but I was headed to Houston and didn’t want the chance of the city’s infamous humidity to mess up my hair. I finished my regime with the Bounce Curl’s Light Hold Creme Gel which didn’t crunch or flake and left me with amazing results that lasted for days without reapplication!

What The Hair Community Is Saying…

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Daniela Fagon

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This kit is perfect for when your hair and scalp needs to be revived. This gentle clarifying shampoo always knocks the product buildup away without leaving my hair stripped. The last time I had dry scalp I tried the detox mask and it got rid of all the flaking plus I love the cooling feeling on the scalp. The deep conditioner in all its thickness melted right into my hair and brought back the moisture. My favorite product from the kit has to be the detox mask, so soothing!

![CurlyLaLa]Curlies Review the Bounce Curl Scalp Renew & Hair Spa Kit

Lorraine Diaz

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Whenever my curls look dull or are lacking shine and bounce, I instantly know I need to hit the reset button using the BounceCurl Scalp Renew & Hair Spa Kit. The clarifying shampoo gives me a deep cleanse while still moisturizing my hair. Once or twice a month I’ll use the turmeric hair detox mask to get rid of buildup & remove flakes from the crazy dandruff I get in the colder seasons. My absolute favorite product in this kit has to be the Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner, it is so moisturizing that a little goes a long way. 

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Nicole Folkes

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Prior to trying Bounce Curl products for myself, I had only seen them used on much looser curl patterns than mine. I wasn’t sure what to expect but ended up being very pleasantly surprised! I love shampoos that lather well but don’t leave my hair feeling stripped and the Gentle Clarifying Shampoo did exactly that while thoroughly cleansing my scalp. The Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling super soft and hydrated. I like that it comes in a tube instead of a jar so water doesn’t get into it in the shower and it’s protein-free which is perfect for my low porosity hair!

Have you tried Bounce Curl products? What did you think of them?