type 2c/3a curly hair

Often when we think of using oils as stylers, or really, even for conditioners, we think of it as being a good option for those with really kinky or coarse hair types.

But did you know that plenty of Type 2s and 3s use oils in their curls, too? Wavies and Curlies have found if they use the right types in the right quantities, they get good results. Some use olive and some use coconut.

Olive oil as a styler

Wavies and curlies have been using oil as a styler and sharing their results in their NaturallyCurly forum, CurlTalk, for years. “I got better definition, less frizz, more shine, and more voluminous curls with just using olive oil” reports CurlTalker GitaAndHair (2abc/3a”>. GitaAndHair, who’s from Jakarta, Indonesia, says affordable curly hair care products are hard to find in her city. “Now I can save more money as well since I’m ditching my gel,” she says. “I wish I had tried this sooner!”

Coconut oil as a styler

Cara4Curls, 2c/3a, tried coconut oil as a styler. “I applied the coconut oil instead of my usual gel, and wow, my hair just LOVED it! Before I applied the coconut oil, without gel, my hair is usually poofy.” 

Type 3c curlies like using oils, too, for styling and conditioning. “When I’m done styling my hair, I’ll smooth down some oil (just a touch”> if I have any frizzies or extra dry bits. Or I’ll use some oil to ‘refresh’ my style after a few hours,” says 3c CurlTalker nana_banana.

Oils don’t work as stylers for everyone, though

Type 3a/3b Jeepcurlygirl, for example, uses oils for treatments, but not for styling. “I like the way it feels and it gives my hair shine, but as the day goes on it makes my hair stringy and I get a lot of halo frizz.”

2c/3a Guide 65 is also not a fan of oils as a styling agent: “Oils generally leave my hair stringy and oily looking, and pull out the waves.”

Oils as conditioners

Many 2s and 3s use oils as conditioners rather than as stylers. CurlTalker bomega, a 2c, says, “One thing that does work is to do an oil treatment with a good generous amount of oil the night before then shampoo/condition as usual the next morning. Clumps, curls, and even spirals the next day!”

Jeepcurlygirl, too, likes to use oils as a conditioner. “I do use oil as a pre-poo treatment, in my deep treatments, and I use it on dry hair if it’s going into a braid,” she adds. Type 2a CurlTalker Pedaheh says, “I have fine hair that loves coconut oil. Coconut pre-wash treatments are a holy grail for my dry to very dry hair.”

Avoid jojoba extract and avocado oil

Type 2s and 3s who try oils might want to stay away from jojoba extract and avocado oil as stylers, however, because they tend to coat rather than to penetrate. Hair that is coated in oil may appear “greasy.”

Keep in mind, of course, that everyone’s hair responds differently to various products. So what works for your neighbor might not work for you, or vice-versa. You have to try new things to see what works for YOU!

What about you? Are you a Type 2 or 3 who has used oils as a styler? How’d it work for you? Please share in the comments section below.

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