When it comes to curl definition, most of us are always looking for the best products to do the trick. It’s easy to become a curl cream, gel and mousse junkie when you’re trying to find out what works best. One of the most important components to curl definition, is how your hair is styled fresh out of the shower. This is when most curlies apply their hair products.

Some of us can get so caught up in all the conditioners and jellies, and we forget that the styling and detangling tools we use are just as important! Denman brushes are some of the most popular detangling tools amongst us curlies. Turn on any natural hair tutorial, and it’s likely that the beauty guru is reaching for one. They’re credited often with giving your hair that extra definition you’re looking for.

There are so many different variations of Denman brushes, so keep reading to figure out which one is best for your hair type!

The amount of rows and bristles are the most important thing to look for before you purchase any denman brush. Depending on your hair texture, length and density, the brush that will best suit your curls may vary. I’d recommend always keeping your receipt, just in case you need to try something different out!

There’s also the popular option of modifying your denman brush. Some curlies will remove a row of pins and make other adjustments to their brush to better flow through the hair. If your brush is causing a lot of breakage and pain, it is not the brush for you.

Lastly, please remember to use while wet and with something that offers some slip! Brushing out your curls when dry can be rough and lead to damage. It’s best to detangle with conditioner or a similar hair product.

denman 1

Type 4 Hair Textures

With a lot of curl can come a lot of work, especially when it comes to detangling. It’s important to use a denman brush that has the rows and bristles spread out so your hair does not get caught or break off. I’d recommend the D31 Denman brush, which retails for $17.70. Get it while you can, it sells out fast! The D31 brush has 7 rows of pins, which are all separated far apart. It allows your hair to flow through with ease. This brush really helps give each of your coils and curls definition without making you feel tender headed!

Type 3 Hair Textures

For my Type 3 girls out there, you’re working with a lot of curl too! The D31 Denman brush will also work just fine for you. However, if you are looking for something that will give your hair some extra umph, reach for the D41 too! This brush retails for $20. It has two extra rows of pins that help clump your curls together in the best way! Keeping in theme with the D31, the pins are still far enough apart that it does the trick while allowing your hair to breathe.

Type 2 Hair Textures

I know my type 2 girls are always trying to get their waves and curls to look cohesive, at least I always am! Because our hair tends to be a bit finer in texture, the closer the pins are on the brush, the more definition we’ll get. That’s why I’d recommend the D3 Classic Styling Brush for anyone with waves or loose curls. It’s a classic for a reason! All hair textures reach for this brush, while many curlies modify it to meet their needs. It retails for $12.10 and can be found right here on our website!

Most of us are in a never ending cycle of trying to have our best hair day. With the use of a Denman brush in your routine, hopefully you can get the job done!