So you’ve finally done it, you took the plunge and dyed you hair your favorite shade of blue–now what?

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How can you care for your color to make sure it’s not looking dull and lifeless after your first few washes? Luckily for us, that and curl care go hand in hand.

Use a sulfate-free co-wash.

Vivid fantasy colors are finicky and can easily be stripped by using harsh shampoos so your best choice would to be to use a cleansing co-wash.

Seal with cold water.

Rinsing with scorching hot water while washing your hair will open your hair cuticles; this will cause your new color to fade much more quickly.  

Don’t wash hair every day.

As is routine for most curlies already, don’t wash your hair every day. If you are someone who likes to wash your hair daily try out a dry shampoo, this won’t strip your color and can help clean your hair.


Use a deep conditioner to keep your hair happy, coloring your hair can be hard on it so a deep conditioner is great to keep the colors bright and your hair healthy.  A great time to do this is when in the shower, use your favorite deep conditioner, such as SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque and put your hair up in a shower cap, then you can use your hot water on yourself and keep your hair protected.

Use a conditioner glaze to boost.

You need is your favorite silicone-free conditioner and a dye that doesn’t need to develop (brands that you don’t have to mix two products together before using”> like Bigen Vivid Shades Semi-Permanent Hair Color. Mix these two products together and use that in place of your conditioner, you can let it sit for as long or as little as you like, keeping in mind the longer you leave it the more color you are allowing to deposit. If DIY isn’t your cup of tea, look for a color depositing conditioner options like oVertone.

Now you have the knowhow to rock your bold, vivid color as long as you want…

without spending an arm and a leg having to have your color touched up once a month or more.


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