Inahsi Naturals is the haircare line that keeps on growing. Founded by Rhonda Marshall, these hair care products are all about incorporating natural ingredients to help curlies embrace their products from head to toe. As a chemist and educator Rhonda worked meticulously to help naturalistas uncover real solutions to helping maintain healthy hair. Inahsi features several different types of products that range from wash day to styling. Their multifunctional use can be used against any hair type, texture, and can help with length retention, breakage, and promoting healthy hair growth. Their natural ingredients feature rosemary oil, hemp oil, palm oil, peppermint oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter to name a few.


Inhasi’s latest products from their “Pamper My Curls” collection might be their best line to date. This line is designed “to moisturize, define, repair, soothe and promote overall healthy hair and scalp”. Most of us know our hair and scalp have been through the ringer and could use a little TLC and this line is here to deliver. Here’s my review of the “Pamper My Curls” collection.

Pamper My Curls Sculpting Glaze, 8oz.

A protein free styling glaze that leaves curls defined, protected and shiny. This gel is made with sunflower oil and includes ceramides to help repair the hair from any damage. It provides a strong hold without leaving flakes or the signature white residue. It can be used to smooth down edges or to help define curls. 

My review: 

This is probably the first gel I’ve ever genuinely been in love with. It’s not sticky or has a thick consistency, it’s a perfect blend with a slip that makes it easy to work through your curls. I was initially surprised at the idea of a gel glaze being effective but have loved using this product on freshly washed, damp, or dry curls. It doesn’t leave a crunch and has a medium sized hold that still allows you the versatility to style your curls without the stiffness that makes most of us frustrated when we’re trying to style our hair. The pump is also a nice change from having to scoop out or squeeze out gel.

Pamper My Curls All-In-On Leave-In Moisture Mist, 8oz

A light-weight oil free mist that can help moisturize, nourish, and refresh curls. It includes ingredients like marshmallow root, lavender, angelica root, and chamomile extract to help soothe a dry and itchy scalp.This leave-in can also aid as a repair from color damage, heat damage, and general wear and tear.

My review: 

A leave-in + moisture mist is the ultimate combination I never knew I needed until now. I used this the most as a refresher between wash days and it worked like magic from root to tip.It has a light scent that blends well with other products or can be used with water for all over moisture. A refresher spray like this is so important to include in your product arsenal and what makes this stand out is it’s combination effect on the curls and scalp. I personally can have a drier scalp due to the climate and appreciate having a product that isn’t overly oily so it weighs down my curls. I’m sad to say out of all the product this one is running low!

Pamper My Curls Hair & Scalp Elixir, 4oz

A product that gives back to your curls and scalp. This little bottle packs a big punch and by helping to restore shine and bring dull and lifeless curls to life with just a few drops. With a mixture of sunflower, tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary oil, this elixir helps to soothe an irritated scalp and support healthy hair.

My review: 

A little bottle with big possibilities. This is a great product aimed at helping ease your scalp problems. This can be used right before you begin your wash day and serves as a scalp prep before you begin shampooing and has a specialized tip to directly hit your most sensitive areas. The peppermint comes through the strongest out of all the ingredients and the oil combination is very heavy so I would suggest using sparingly. It definitely can help with any dry patches or itchiness you are experiencing and probably would be a great asset if you’re wearing a protective style.

Give your curls the moisture and luxury they deserve this season, try these Inahsi must-haves!