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Dear Ouidad:

I have hair about 2 inches or so past shoulder length; it has a natural wave. I’m getting older, past 55, and curl/wave is losing its volume. I got a perm, but it was way too tight — I had to use curling iron on parts to loosen up. What a pain, as I wanted something I could wash and let air-dry. The hairdresser used the biggest perm rollers, and when I asked if she could make curls looser by not leaving the solution on for the entire time, she said that would not work.

She did suggest that she take bigger chunks of hair to put in the rollers. Would this help and make my curls looser, or is there something else you might suggest?

Dear Perm Gone Wrong:

While you still have the past perm in your hair, I would not suggest using more chemicals to change your curl, but try to work with your current texture. Build a hair care regimen specific to your curl type with a great shampoo and conditioner like my nourishing Curl Quencher line created to revive and repair aging/dehydrated curls. You should only shampoo and condition your hair two to three times per week maximum.

If your curls need a little extra moisture, treat them every other week with our Deep Treatment to rebuild chemically processed curls and maintain hair’s health with a combination of essential amino acids, proteins and effective moisturizers. In the future your hair stylist can create looser curls by taking bigger sections on large rods, but the time of the processing solution needs to be the same. The deep treatment will also help get you the look you’re going for.