NaturallyCurly Email Marketing Manager Nikki decided to straighten her hair recently and, as we do with all hair experiments in the NaturallyCurly office, we told her to film it! Nikki only straightens her hair a couple of times a year so this is a big deal. 

Hey guys, it’s Nikki! I don’t always do this, but when I do, it’s with a flat iron (Dos Equis voice”>. A few weeks ago, I flat ironed my 3c hair and thought you guys might like to see how I did it.

What I Used

How I Did It

  • Apply heat protectant throughout freshly washed hair
  • Divide hair into sections (I do 4 big bantu knots”>
  • Blow dry each section and then twist it back into bantu knots 
  • Take smaller sections and flat iron using the chase method (I chase the flat iron with my comb”>

I like a fluffier look when I straighten my hair, and I’m sure there are other ways of doing this so let me know how you flat iron your hair in the comments below. Stay curly my friends!

Watch the Video

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