titi branch

Michelle, right, hangs out with Miss Jessie’s Titi Branch at America’s Beauty Show.

So it’s been nearly a month, and I’m still liking the results of my Brazilian Blowout—so much so that I plan on doing it again in the summer.

I just returned from America’s Beauty Show, and several people I’d known for a while commented on my curls and asked what was different. The big comment was that my hair looked shinier and less frizzy. Because the perception is that these type of treatments straighten the hair, people were surprised that I had had one done.

One thing that has been a pleasant surprise is that I can leave the house with my hair soaking wet and not worry it will turn into a frizzy mess. When it dries, I just run some pomade through it and my curls look bouncy.

I am having to adjust the products I use because the amount of styling product I used before now is too heavy. But overall, it’s been great for me and my curls.

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