As keratin smoothing treatments have evolved, so have consumer need and demand for aftercare products.

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Although keratin treatments are relatively new, the product offerings have already seen significant development and change, with the latest keratin retail offering an option to ensure that the treatment will last as long as possible. “Product delivery is the responsibility of the stylist, so it’s important that we stay informed,” says Robert Santana, platform artist for Matrix. With the right knowledge, tools and products to maintain your treatment, you are also addressing the long-term health of your hair.

“You can customize a keratin treatment to suit a client’s specific needs and wants,” says Guarneri. “It’s about finding the combination treatment and aftercare that works for your client’s needs and lifestyle.”

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Cassidy Blackwell

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With so many keratin products on the market, choosing the right one, that provides the right results, without using chemicals is difficult. Natural and Organic hair treatments is the way the hair market is going such as Argil Therapy, which is a natural keratin treatment that uses white clay and amino acids. This keratin hair treatment is washed the same day and provides instant shine and brightness to the hair. I recommend Argil Therapy from Jean De Perle Paris.

I had been wanting to be more natural but was not liking the products I tried. I don't like the idea of formaldehyde or lye stuff. I was told about this new product called Obey and after searching around, I found it online at Anyway, even though I don't usually order stuff online, I decided to try it because it looked great and the price was right. You know, sometimes you just get really surprised in a good way. This stuff really works. It did just what I wanted by just softening my curl, but it reduced the bulk and I can wear it natural or curly or straight and it's so manageable and shiny. My husband absolutely loves it because now I even let him touch my hair! It has been 3 months already and it still looks the same. I'd really like to know if anyone else has tried it and what they think.

I use keratin on my curls but I've been more careful about the ingredients list for formaldehyde. Cocoa Keratin is the most natural I could find and it works really well!