Every year, I like to reflect on the past year as well as what's to come.

This includes any products, techniques, and routines that I liked, and the ones I disliked. Then think about the year to come and what I want to see out of it. 2015 was full of new and exciting things for me; so far, 2016 seems to be going in the same direction. Here are some things I am looking forward to trying out with my naturally wavy hair.

1. Hard hold gel-creams

This year is the year that I start trying to search for the elusive cream that has enough hold to keep my waves under control. My current routine has always ended with me covering everything with a good hard hold gel to keep my frizz at bay, but I have recently been introduced to a gel-cream that can do it all. I know there must be more out there like this, so it’s time for me to get out there and experiment!

2. Master shorter waves

I have visited so many stylists over the years and one thing they all try to warn me about is getting layers or having shorter waves. Now that I have taken the plunge and cut my bangs on my own, I've realized that I don't need to straighten them every day in order for them to look good. I’m ready to start looking at a fun shorter style to really test my skills!

3. New ways to deep condition

My hair loves getting its weekly deep conditioning treatments. Normally I just bounce around from store-bought masques to a hot oil treatment. Now I am ready to open up my horizons to some DIY masque recipes. Admittedly, I've always had my concerns about putting pantry items in my hair, but this year I am ready to face that fear head on!

4. Try new updos

We all have it: our go-to 2nd or 3rd day updo. When my waves are just not behaving how I'd like them to, I resort to a simple messy bun. While I do love the look, I’m ready to include some additional ideas to jazz up my locks, playing up a bit more on the waves that lasted throughout the night.

5. Volume without diffusing

I love bouncy, voluminous waves. But sometimes mine would really prefer to stay closer to my scalp when I let them air dry. This year, I'll look for products or techniques that will give me the full volume I desire without running the risk of heat damage from a diffuser.

6. Adding color to my curls

The last time I dyed my hair was in my early years of high school. While I luckily never had a bad experience, I always have people telling me that I shouldn’t touch my hair color because the natural color is too nice. I do love my strawberry blonde waves, but I'm ready to see how I look with the rainbow colored through my hair…or maybe just start with a henna glaze to dip my toes in again.

Do you have any techniques, styles, or products that you are looking to try out in 2016?