Can you really achieve good second-day hair results?

Jess shows us how she gets second-day hair after doing the accordion technique from Lorainne Massey's "Curly Girl: The Handbook" book.

MahoganyCurls/Jessica Lewis
Your videos are great. My hair is similar to yours. I have been natural since late 2004, but I didn't know how to wear it natural. I hated how twist outs and braid outs looked on me (or maybe I did't do them right...who knows). You have inspired me to buy the Curly Girl book and try it. I have been CG ever since. I love your tutorials. Keep up the great work! :-)

Recently found u on YouTube and loved ur videos and because of you I found this site. Just want to thank u so. After transitioning for about 10 months , I decided to do my big chop on Nov 27, 2011 n had been searching for someone I could identify with n I found u! Did my 1st CG wash n go 2 days ago n loved the results. Ur hair truly inspires me n I can't believe how long ur hair is now. Again thank u, thank u, thank u. I will continue to look for ur videos here n on YouTube.

When it was hotter where I live in the summer I did this almost everyday...I often dilute a small amount of my conditioner in the spray bottle with water. My problem is that you can't do this when it gets cold. But I really like to do this.

great method, thanks! i have very similar hair texture, only longer and I will definitely be trying this tomorrow!