When looking for a job you want to put your best foot forward. You want to stand out with your abilities and charm, but you also want to make sure to look professional and polished. Despite what some may feel, curly hair is professional hair so don’t feel forced to straighten your hair for that upcoming interview or feel your hair is a negative. Curly, wavy, and coily hair is versatile, so check out these five easy and perfect styles to win you that job.

1. Buns

Everyone knows how elegant a bun is, and the smoother the better. I’m a huge fan of the messy bun and the topknot. Buns don’t have to be positioned at the nape of your head either. A nice low, side bun with side-swept bangs give a fresh, flattering style that’s sure to get you noticed. Make sure your ponytail holder is not showing any bobby pins so tuck them away. A stylish, yet modest pin can add some flair.

2. Updos

You can never go wrong with an updo for an interview or for an everyday style at work, whether you wait tables or work on Wall Street. Updos are great for old styles like an old twist out, wash and go, or flexi rod set. There are truly so many ways to twist and roll natural hair, and I love the creativity I’ve seen women express through their hair. I think curly updos always look better than a straight updo, so go for the curls and if your old style needs to be refreshed, simply dampen, retwist, or place in pin curls for a revitalized updo for that interview.

3. Low ponytails

I know ponytails get a bad rap, but a low ponytail on curly or straight hair is both stylish and professional. It doesn’t have to be pulled tight as long as you have your hair lined up with the bottom of your ears and the ponytail holder isn’t showing. Wrap a chunk of your hair around the ponytail holder and secure with a bobby pin on the bottom of the ponytail. A side-swept bang or a part down the side with both look amazing and add some pizazz to the style. Make sure the ponytail is not frizzy, so apply a little oil, serum, or gel as your finishing touches for a more refined look.

4. Chignon

Chignons are very similar to low buns and low ponytails, so you get the best of both worlds with more flair. Chignons are traditionally worn low and pinned under. While chignons can look fantastic with bling pins or flowers, I would forgo them for an interview. They are beautiful by themselves and don’t need the added accessories. A few twists of the hair before being pinned under is also a great addition to a chignon.

5. Down and free

I saved this for last because it often gets neglected. Never feel you have to hide your curls when on an interview. The biggest concern is to keep the hair out of your face. Apply gel, serum, and up the hydration to keep the frizz away and keep your hair looking polished. If the weather is not on your side (windy and humid”>, you may want to go for one of the other looks mentioned above. If the weather is friendly, then this style is a winner.

How do you style your hair for an interview? Let us know in the comments.

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