Our hairstyle choices have an impact on our first impressions. If you’re looking for a few easy changes you can make to look more youthful or even just well-rested, stay away from these aging hair habits. 


Blunt line haircuts in which the hair is all one length can make your hair look heavy and shapeless. Strategically placed layers can help to avoid triangle head, and light bouncy curls will keep your look playful and youthful. For a style that does not weigh your curls, coils or waves down it is important to find a stylist who specializes in curly cuts. If you have yet to find a stylist you love, you can read this list of 15 of the best curly stylists all over the world, or use our Salon Finder to read reviews of salons and stylists in your area.


Many of us literally dream of having long, curly hair. Still, the reality is that the length will eventually drag your hair down, giving you less volume (and pulling your facial features down with it”>, and neglected ends will give your hair a dry and unhealthy appearance. Trims are essential to preventing breakage and knots, and hair that is regularly trimmed in effect looks healthier because the ends are the oldest parts of our hair and holding on to thin, split ends takes away from the overall look.


Whether you rock your naturally grey hair or are taking part in the grey dye trend, toning your grey with blue or violet undertones will keep your look fresh and fashionable. Yellow tones in grey hair can be aging and can also be unflattering for certain skin tone features like dark undereye circles. Give your grey hair a cool tone by incorporating a toning shampoo into your regimen like the popular Clairol Shimmer Lights, Lush Daddy-O or Unite Blonda Toning Shampoo.


Your hairstyle choices can have a huge impact on how old you look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles that work with your loose, free curls (wash-and-gos”> rather than overbearing twisted or braided up-dos. Give yourself an easygoing, youthful appearance with an imperfect ponytail, pineapple, puff, or messy bun that feels fun and effortless.


Dry damaged hair never looks attractive, no matter your age. Our scalp’s natural oils often find it difficult to make their way down the hair shaft, which results in dryness (especially in curly hair”>. To prevent this, make sure to moisturize your hair generously. Deep condition at least twice a month to give your curls extra hydration. For instant results and softer hair, try a bentonite clay mask. Tip #2 will also help you greatly here.


Using too many products at once can make your hair look and feel very heavy and stiff. Many of us curlies can get a little obsessive with products–but in this case, less is more! If you feel using less products has left your hair feeling dry and flat, use a clarifying treatment for a clean canvas and then start adding an oil or serum to your styling routine only once it is dry for softness and to seal in your moisture.


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