Finger wave your inner Rita Hayworth "hello", dance like no one's watching, and keep your denman brush nearby to see the world through the bright eyes of A Vintage Vanity.

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Jen, known online as A Vintage Vanity, is all about gutsy, bold but elegant fashion and beauty. As if her fuschia hair wasn't enough for me to dare you to divert your attention from her channel, her chic hair tutorials and fun 'unboxing' episodes easily make her likeable and admirable for her vibrant persona and carefree confidence. Tune in for my interview with A Vintage Vanity.

Introduce yourself.

I’m Jennifer, a vintage lifestyle beauty guru on YouTube!  I’ve had a longtime love affair with the style and beauty of the 40s and 50s so I finally threw away trying to fit into the modern style and wholeheartedly embraced my inner vintage dame!  My channel features hair tutorials, DIY projects, sewing, and vlogging though it’s become so much more…a supportive and stylish community of ladies and gents. 

Describe your personal style.

If I like it, I’ll wear it!  Petticoats, circle skirts, cardigans, bright colors, prints, hair flowers.  My style draws heavily on the full skirts of the 1950s, but I love to mix it up with modern styles or throw in some padded shoulders for a dash of 1940s.  I love the feminine feel of vintage styles, it just feels right, in fact that’s how I feel about one’s personal style…it should feel right to you!  Trying to fit into styles/trends that you’re not drawn to is like wearing someone else’s skin…uncomfortable and a wee bit gory! One of my favorite phrases is from my literary bible “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” when the heroine is looking at the women in her life she equates them to thin invisible steel, which is how I think of my style soft and feminine on the outside with an inner layer of thin steel…strong and unbreakable, the beauty of being a woman.

What influenced you to start vlogging on YouTube?

I’ve been on YouTube for a little over 2 years. I actually started blogging (which has been grossly neglected though hopefully to be reborn in the near future) as a way to work out my long neglected writing muscle.  This coincided with the time I was really embracing my vintage life so the blog started reflecting the changes I was making.  I wanted to be able to share with one of my best friends (who lives out of state) the styles I was doing so I made my first youtube video, never expecting to fall in love with it.  Which is how I ended up with the user name that I have.  Once I made that first video there was no going back, I loved being able to “teach” people the styles I was creating and before I knew it an amazing community grew up around sharing something that I loved. 

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