Ouidad recommends using a leave-in conditioner for second day hair.

Ouidad Botanical Boost

Ouidad Botanical Boost

Q: I know you're not supposed to shampoo daily but then how do you restyle your hair the next day with all the leftover product? Like when I use products to style it curly then the next day I want to style it curly again but it looks bad if I wash two days in a row?

Ouidad: First, you want to make sure your styling products are water-soluble, which allows you to be able to just wet and condition the next day. Also before re-doing your hair entirely, you can simply refresh your curls in the morning with a spray leave- in conditioner like Botanical Boost, which will revive your style.


To get 2nd day hair, at night, on dry hair, I use GVP Moisturizing Conditioner (the Sally brand of Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing Cond) and a few drops of Argan oil. I put this on each section and put my hair into 3 or 4 flat twists. Cover with scarf, in the morning, take out twists; my 3c/4a curls look great every time. I do this every 3rd or 4th day, the other nights, I pineapple. I want to try etcurly's idea of sleeping with the t-shirt instead of a pineapple, but without the water, sounds like a good idea.

Etcurly, you may have something there!! In theory, that makes perfect sense, however my hair retains water forever, I might have wet hair to contend with in the morning. Is there anyone else that has tried Et's method?

I used to never be able to get 2nd day hair, but now I can easily get 2nd and 3rd day hair. My last wash even gave me up to 6th day hair. At night I don't pineapple, but take a t-shirt and cover my hair with it by putting the neck hole around my hairline like a headband, with the rest of the t-shirt creating a tube around the length of my hair. Then I take the sleeves and tie them together on top of my head with a hair tie. I clip the t-shirt to my hairline with some metal clips or bobbypins, then refresh in the morning with leave-in conditioner and some gel. If my hair needs extra refreshing, I sray it with water before bed, add some leave-in and gel, then put the t-shirt on my head like normal and by morning my curls look like they are freshly styled.

I buy my Ouidad stuff from Sephora and they have a trial set with the shampoo, conditioner, gel, and the boost. I bought that first and now I buy Ouidad regularly.

I just wet my head and restyle. (not spritz but put it under the faucet)

I was a serious fan of all Ouidad products. Recently the changed the product, so I stopped using them. I found that when I wash/wet, condition and style hair one day and when I sleep on it, I look like Yahoo Serious....if I just spritz my hair with plain water from a plant mister, it reshapes my curls and refreshes the products I have used to style my hair the day before. Really... I promise.. but you have to just moisten your hair, and re-shape it. Easy Peasy!

Do you know if there is any way I can get a sample or trial size? $16 is alot if my hair reacts the same as it does to water.

I am a huge fan of the Botantical Boost - most product like a "boost" have never worked but Ouidad's does great on my hair. So, I do agree with the adding some wet to 2nd day hair but a boost type product helps even more to get better looking style. Of course, 2nd day hair is hard overall for some of us.

I never get the same second day hair as the first. If I add water, or oil spray, or creames/moisturizers I get poofy, fuzzy, scruncken curly hair. Even if day one was defined and searated clumps of curls. At night it folds and bends and looks like I slept on it so I can't get up and go either. What do I do?