We've got hot and sexy tips for rockin' your locks when you're rockin' the mattress


Is your hair ready for sex?

You've done it. You've crossed home plate with the hottest guy you've met in a long time. But you're still not quite to the I'm-comfortable-being-around-you-with-my-hair-sticking-every-which-way stage. You need to look good, and fast!

How to make yourself look presentable in a serious hurry? How to prevent the mess in the first place?

  1. Put your hair up in a sexy, but easy, 'do before you do the deed.
  2. Opt for the uppermost vantage point. Your curls are less likely to be crushed or smooshed if you're hovering above rather than writhing about on a pillowcase.
  3. Offer something else for clutching, so that your hair is left untouched.
  4. All curlies should always carry an emergency-fix-it product or two in her purse. While the cover of dark is still nigh, sneak into the bathroom for some quick repairs.
  5. You can always opt for the mysterious middle-of-the-night departure. Send him daisies the next day and keep him guessing.

Gretchen Heber
my man LOVES it when my hairs all messed up after a round in the sack.... he thinks there's nothing sexier.....

Are you for real? Seriously who's hair DOES look good after sex, curly or not? Not to mention who CARES if the sex was any good.


My hair is a PART of sex!

Yeah I thought guys like the messy after sex look...maybe I was wrong. #1 and #2 are most definitely keepers!

Is this a soft porn article?! Why not show pictures for each step listed so that the readers can fully understand? After all, the woman pictured in this article has straight hair, not curly. Why is this article even necessary? Or is this a pre-April Fool's joke?

I'm sorry, but as much as I love my curls, I'm not even thinking about my hair in the heat of the moment! If you told a guy "ooooh, carry on, but don't touch the curls", he'd run for the hills!

I don't know what to say but #5 is AWFUL! I love my curls, but I am NOT walking out on a guy for the sake of my hair. Tug is all you want- I put it in a pony and deal with crushed curls.